Justin Bieber Has Challenged Tom Cruise To A UFC Fight – Yes Really!

A slow news day got an injection of Justin Bieber idiocy as the pop singer decided to take to Twitter to challenge action star Tom Cruise to a fight in the UFC octagon.

Justin Bieber has done many stupid things. He bought a monkey and abandoned it in Germany, paid his bodyguards to carry him when visiting the Great Wall of China, spat on fans from a balcony, unwisely commented on rape saying “everything happens for a reason”, smiled for a police mugshot after getting arrested for drink-driving, and smoked so much weed on a private flight the pilots had to wear oxygen masks to avoid getting high.

When it comes to the most idiotic celebrities, Justin Bieber is streets ahead of everyone else. And now he’s taken a potshot at Tom Cruise. The man-child who once said, “You don’t need to go to church to be a Christian [because] if you go to Taco Bell that doesn’t make you a taco”, has decided to challenge one of the toughest men in Hollywood to a fight in a UFC ring.

No one really knows what caused Bieber to target Cruise. Perhaps he just watched The Mummy. But one thing is for sure: Bieber would lose pretty quickly. Daredevil Cruise has been known to throw himself off buildings, snapping his leg on landing, and continuing the scene as if he just broken a nail.

Bieber might be younger and taller but Cruise keeps himself in tip-top shape and his list of white knuckle film stunts underlines the fact he has no fear and a seeming ability to ignore pain. Whether the pop singer could dump the doobies to stand up in the octagon long enough for the bell to sound is questionable at best.

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    thevoid99 Reply

    I’m just going to post this clip in response to this challenge.

    Honestly, I would rather have both of those assholes kill each other.

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