“Wonder Woman 1984” Gets A Snazzy Poster

Wonder Woman 1984 gets a snazzy poster ahead of its release next year. The film, which sees Gal Gadot return to the title role, is directed by Patty Jenkins and will see the eponymous supherhero go up against Kristen Wiig’s The Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984 poster

Wonder Woman 1984, based on the character created by William Moulton Marston, and part of the DC Extended Universe, will enjoy her next big screen adventure next year, going up against The Cheetah.

The film will be directed by the acclaimed Patty Jenkins, and star Gal Gadot in the title role. As previously announced, the film also stars Kristen Wiig in the role of the Super-Villain The Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released nationwide in June 2020 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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