80 Years Of Batman: Who Is The Deadliest Dark Knight?

Every minor detail from every punch and Batarang thrown, to the number of awkward disappearances from Jim Gordon and even the number of Batsuit Nipples, we have the data on which Batmen have been the most violent, effective, prepared and long serving based on actor name and film franchise.

Did you know, for example, that it is Adam West’s Batman of 1966 who is still the most effective Batman in film history?

To celebrate 80 years of Batman, Vanquis have analysed every batman film ever produced. In numbers, Batman has punched 275 baddies, 18 police officers, defeated 23 villains and killed 83 times.

Based on individual films, it is Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice who brandishes the most justice (with his fists). In a mere 151 minutes, a total of 48 villains receive a beating – that works out at one punch every 3 minutes.

Expanding the criteria to include Police Officers and it is Christian Bale’s Batman who rises to joint first place, having punched his way through a total of 44 bad guys and 4 Gotham City Police Officers in Batman Begins.

Analysing Christian Bale’s Batman in detail reveals an underlying issue with the law. A total of 18 police officers across the Nolan trilogy find themselves on the receiving end of a good hiding.

While it’s all well and good punching and even killing bad guys, the main objective for the World’s Greatest Detective is apprehending their supervillain bosses.

So, going back to Adam West’s Batman from 1966, he is still the most effective, stopping no less than four supervillains over the course of a one 104-minute feature film. That’s one supervillain brought to justice every 26 minutes – holy cow Batman!

Allowing for sequels, it is the Dark Knight of the Christian Nolan trilogy who brings the most supervillains to justice, stopping a total of seven baddies during 455 onscreen minutes.

Check out how the other Batman actors compare here.

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