Films “On The Go” Review: Ultimate Ears Blast

This super portable wireless Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® speaker with voice control boasts balanced 360° sound, deep bass, built-in Amazon Alexa and the added bonus for travellers of being water, dust and drop proof. An ideal, voice-controlled, “on the go” speaker.

A stylish, easy to use portable Bluetooth and wi-fi capable speaker with Alexa voice-control, the Ultimate Ears Blast boasts both convenience and great audio. Playing music through the speaker via the Deezer app (which can also be voice-controlled), I was surprised just how loud the Blast goes without sounding like it’s going to shake itself off the table. The circular-style of the speaker delivers genuine 360-degree audio that successfully fills a small room. It’s surprising just what the Blast is capable of.

Housed within its elegant cylinder shape are two 35mm active drivers and two 81mm passive radiators. This can achieve a maximum of 90dB at top volume. In my kitchen, where I have been using it the most, it feels like I have a multi-speaker set-up!

Ruggedly built, you won’t fear taking this “on the go” and with its Bluetooth connectivity you’ll be able to reproduce a decent level of sound when you’re away from home and watching films or TV shows. If you want to take it to the swimming pool, it’s IP67 rated so it can stay under water up to a metre deep for up to 30 minutes. Watching Game of Thrones in a hotel room recently, I ditched my over-ear headphones to try the Ultimate Ears Blast and was pleased with its robust bass, sound direction and clarity.

The fact you can connect two Blast speakers together might make this an even more appealing purchase. While the speaker isn’t the lightest portable Bluetooth device you’ll take on your travels, its weight is not wasted on excessive design, instead ensuring the 35mm active drivers and 81mm passive radiators deliver a meaty sound that boasts the spectacle of watching films and TV when you’re away from your home cinema.

At home, I used the speaker on the Power Up dock which is sold separately. This is where the Blast falls into a category that makes it both a good “on the go” portable speaker and a “stay at home” voice-activated speaker. The downside is the Power Up dock is sold separately adding around £35 to the overall package price. But it means the speaker remains powered and is charged ready for you to move around the house if needed.

Ultimate Ears have created a gem of a speaker in the Blast. Affordably priced at around £80, boasting Amazon Alexa voice-control and delivering powerful audio, the Blast is the ideal “on the go” speaker.

5 stars Minirig Portable Bluetooth speaker

Written by Rory Fish

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Rory Fish has loved movies since he can remember. If he was to put together an "all time" top 10 of absolute favourites it would have to include North By Northwest, 12 Angry Men and Sunset Boulevard.

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