Did You Know That There Are Some Key Habits Of Millennial Gamblers & Movie Enthusiasts?

Also known as the generation y, millennials tend to have different habits from their predecessors when it comes to watching movies and gambling. However, the most important fact is that they gamble and also go to theaters to catch the latest film releases. So, do you know the habits of millennials in the gambling scenario?

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Millennials gamblers’ habits

  • Prefer online gambling

The inception of online gambling marked a new yet interesting era for most millennials. Web-based betting is one of the key inventions that drove millions of millennials craze since it introduced an easy-to-access platform that wowed them due to the fact that they would not necessarily have to visit a real casino to enjoy the thrill of gaming.

Most millennials love online gambling due to its convenience, better experience and lots of innovations that keep the platform ever impressive. Huge wins and instant pay being other factors that have attracted a huge number of generation Y.

  • Most of them bet on mobile devices

This is a generation that loves things that they can access whenever they want and wherever they are. And the main reason why mobile betting has gained unmatched prominence is the fact that online gambling sites such as casinos and bookmakers offer unperturbed entertainment. Now, a millennial access gambling sites, casino platforms and also stream live Boxing event  via mobile phones, and tablets at any time and from anywhere, provided there is some stable internet connection.

  • Millennials are a little bit choosy

It is true to say that millennials love playing exciting games. They no longer prefer any boring games. In most cases, you will find that millennials are playing video poker, online slots, roulette, live dealings and also blackjack. This why you see many gambling site developers put more efforts and a lot of creativity to developing games and other betting platforms with exciting features and visuals.

Millennials movie-related habits

You may think that millennials do not watch movies more often due to the fact that they are mostly involved in accessing a lot of content via their mobile devices which gives them much convenience and accessibility.

  • Movie-going rate

In general, you will realize that a millennial will go to theaters on an average of 6 X per year. The box office experience about 29 per cent in revenues; this is specifically drawn from millennial spending on movies. This means that, even though millennials may not have much to spend, they invest a little bit on watching their favorite movies.

  • Movie ticket purchases

A significant percentage of millennials will buy movie tickets for upcoming movies. Just a little per cent of aged millennials buy tickets to visit the theaters after 6 P.M to watch films. And it is reported that men and women purchase tickets for movie theaters at almost an equal rate throughout the entire year.

See, most women buy tickets for their family for a weekend movie. Specifically, the movie has to be viewed in hours before 6 PM. However, a horror movie may have a large number of tickets bought by millennials, and they prefer it on a Tuesday evening.

Bottom line

Finally, there are habits that millennials show when it comes to gambling and movie watching as explored above. If you are generation Y, you exactly concur with these habits. However, if you are not included in that age bracket, you have learned that millennial gamblers are choosy, and love online things.

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