Top 10 Movie Slots

In the world of slots, many a blockbuster has transformed from the silver-screen to the computer screen and here we will run down 10 titles that any cinema-buff will enjoy playing.

Software developers are always looking for new themes for their games and the very best ones out there are often inspired by popular culture. Think music, hit TV series or gameshows or other forms of media.

In the world of slots, many a blockbuster has transformed from the silver-screen to the computer screen and here we will run down 10 titles that any cinema-buff will enjoy playing.

The Dark Knight

The sequel to Batman Begins starring the late Heath Ledger is first up on our list. The game is a must-play for any fan of the series and features images from the game on the reels, including the Joker, Batman and Two Face. Unlike in the movie, meeting with the Joker will go in your favour, paying out 35-times your stake. There are plenty of other exciting features that make this game worthwhile, including a progressive jackpot.


The epic Ridley Scott movie from 2000 hit the slots from the silver-screen and its game version is just as impressive. Join Maximus and enter the arena to battle for the jackpot – except this time there won’t be a fight to the death. The game features some generous bonuses, including winning up to 250x your bet and earning up to 100 free spins. In addition, every time you win, you can double your profit with a bonus game, which you can play as often as you like. Who knows, you could be living like a Roman emperor by the end.


We’re throwing it back to the ‘90s now and like the original film of the same name, the Jumanji game will have you on the edge of your seat. The diamond-shaped structure of the game’s interface already makes it a bit more exciting than the standard reels; however, there are plenty of other surprises too. Imagery includes wild animals such as rhinos, crocodiles and lions but instead of chasing you, they’ll help trigger the incredible 10 bonus features on offer.

Jurassic World

From one adventure to another and if you liked Jurassic Park, you’ll love Jurassic World. Chase down Velociraptors, Tyrannosaurus and Pterodactyls, while hoping you can boost your payroll by up to 1,000x. There are three different free spin features to choose from (Gyrosphere Valley, Creation Lab and Raptor Den, with each rewarding you with 10 spins) and once you start spinning, you’ll almost certainly be hooked.

Justice League

Another entry for DC Comics and this time it’s Justice League. Even if you haven’t seen the film, if you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll love this game. Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman all team-up and each character will reward you with a different number of free spins in the additional free games. Keep an eye out for Superman as he’ll turn all the heroes wild. If we haven’t sold it to you already, this one is progressive jackpot slot, so expect a super-team jackpot.

Paranormal Activity

If you’re looking for a thrill, the Paranormal Activity slot game is for you, complete with chilling theme music and spooky symbols. Forget scares, you’ll get rewards once you give the reels a spin, with a series of bonus features. There are paranormal spins, possessed spins, demon spins and best of all, instant wins! The girl is the game’s wild, while the hand is the scatter. Just don’t get too creeped out!

Planet of the Apes

Fantastic soundtrack – check. Incredible graphics – check. Authentic images – check. But even better than that, the Planet of the Apes slot game features images from both Rise of the Planet of the Apes and its sequel: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. That’s right, this slot has two sets of reels on a split-screen and immediately makes the game more interesting, by doubling the number of pay-lines. If that’s not exciting enough, there are incredible bonus features, too.


Another classic and this time it’s everyone’s favourite underdog that transforms into his very own slots game. The Rocky game is a traditional five-reel 25-pay-line slot. If you’re able to spell out R-O-C-K-Y on the reels, you’ll be rewarded with 5x your stake; while the wild (Rocky Balboa himself) can see you go from rags to riches, too. The knock-out bonus is a particular highlight and features a title match between Rocky and one of three opponents – pick one and head to the ring for 10 rounds!


A third and final entry for DC sees Superman feature. There are in fact a trilogy of Superman slots available online, but this one is based on the 1978 original starring Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman. You’re guaranteed to feel like a superhero with 100 pay-lines, two bonus features and an incredible four progressive jackpots. Land five of the iconic Superman logo and you could be in the money.

Terminator 2

As Arnold Schwarzenegger said: “I’ll be back” and he was, hence why Microgaming produced the Terminator 2 slot game. Expect to see the Hollywood blockbuster’s main characters all feature. The unique feature on this one sees an additional row of symbols added to the grid, when you unlock the free spins feature – increasing the ways to win from 243, to 1,024. However, unlike regular pay-lines, win ways are combinations of adjacent symbols appearing from left to right. Iconic footage from the movie also features during bonus rounds.

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