Top Movies With Roulette Gameplay

Roulette’s popularity has inspired a number of movie scenes in mainstream films. Here we present the most famous Roulette game scenes in the movies.

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This movie made in 1942 featured one of the unforgettable roulette game scenes. The story revolves around the refugees in the Nazi-occupied Europe, where Casablanca was a way station on the way to Lisbon, Portugal, and then to America. In order to get from Casablanca to Lisbon, however, one needed an exit visa, which was not easy to obtain.

Rick’s Café Americain was one of the popular nightspots in Casablanca and its back room was a gambling room, which featured the roulette wheel.

A couple trying to make money at the roulette game in order to pay for the exit visas approach the café owner Rick for help. Upon the request, Rick rigs the Roulette wheel and turns the roulette odds in the couple’s favour, due to which the couple manage to garner the winnings they were hoping to achieve.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The film depicts the chemistry between the two lead actors Michael Caine and Steve Martin. These two men compete to win over a soap heiress played by Glenne Headly and thereby land her fortune at a Riviera roulette table. The casino is the hunting ground both of the high-stakes gigolo played by Mr Caine and of the con man played by Mr Martin. They are in it for their prey and not concerned about the Roulette odds or where the Roulette wheel stops.

Diamonds Are Forever

This movie from the 1970s depicts the secret agent James Bond carousing in casinos while playing a number of casino games, one of which is roulette. The movie’s roulette scene happens just prior to its famous craps scene, that helps to set the atmosphere for one of the most exciting Bond films ever created.

In the movie, Bond, played by Sean Connery, partakes in a roulette game in Las Vegas and bets on 17 to turn the roulette odds in his favour.


The film released in 1998, stars Clive Owen who plays the role of the croupier, a term used for the dealer at the roulette table. He is an amateur writer who makes a living as a casino croupier and his lover too is a croupier. Roulette is just one of the many games played throughout the movie. Croupier is among the most realistic movies based on casinos.

Indecent Proposal

The movie starring Robert Redford is about a billionaire offering a million dollars to a young newlywed couple who blew all of their money on a game of roulette after getting into the rush of the game, in exchange for a night with the wife. The scene takes place at the roulette table. The couple agrees to the proposal, spurring on a complex web of problems and events that occur throughout the movie.

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