“Blue” – Karina Holden’s “Cinematic Song For Our Oceans” – Out Now On Digital

Described as a “cinematic song for our oceans” that is “beautiful, intimate and grand”, the “fearlessly truth-telling, yet passionately hopeful” Blue from filmmaker Karina Holden is out now on Digital prior to a DVD release on July 1.

Blue - Karina Holden

Blue, which Greenpeace Australia said was a “cinematic song for our oceans” that is “beautiful, intimate and grand”, has arrived on Digital in the UK with a DVD release to come in July. The film from Karina Holden, renowned producer of Luke Warm Sex and Changing Minds: The Inside Story, takes us on a provocative journey into the ocean to witness a critical moment for marine life.

Featuring inspirational guides, Madison Stewart, Lucas Handley, Philip Mango, Mark Dia, Tim Silverwood, Valerie Taylor and marine eco-toxicologist Dr Jennifer Lavers, who each want to protect the ocean and show how others can help do the same, Holden’s Blue considers the impact of mass industrialisation of the ocean.

A fascinating and important story concerning industrial scale fishing, species destruction, habitat loss and pollution, Blue has received critical acclaim with The Australian proclaiming it’s “an important reminder of the fragility of our planet’s environment”.

Timely and compelling, the film presents grave detail with a refreshing and even-handed honesty. We learn that half of all marine life has been lost over the last four decades. By 2050, if our carelessly continues, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. However, Holden finds a sense of hope amidst the gloom. It’s not too late to make a positive difference.

Blue is out now on Digital. It’s released on DVD on July 1.

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