Game Of Thrones’ Episode “The Long Night” Is “Most Talked About” Of All Time

The Long Night, the third episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, was the most talked about episode of all time, according to analysis from musicMagpie

Game of Thrones

During the epic Battle of Winterfell, fans sent an incredible 4,825,691 tweets, smashing the previous record held by the season 8 premiere, which saw 3,857,823 tweets shared by viewers.

However, while the episode was full of excitement, plenty of fans felt that the episode was too dark – literally! According to musicMagpie’s data, there were 69,229 tweets sent complaining about how dark the episode was, with many fans struggling to make out the action on their screens! Maybe turn up the brightness next week, just to be safe…

Here’s the week-by-week breakdown so far:

In the run-up to the series returning to our screens, musicMagpie analysed over 131 million tweets about the show to see which characters the public love, which they hate and who they can’t stop talking about.

Who are the most loved characters?

Internet favourites Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth have been making fans the happiest, with 57% and 49% of the tweets about these 2 characters being joyous.

1. Tormund Giantsbane – 57% joy
2. Brienne of Tarth – 49% joy
3. Samwell Tarly – 42% joy
4. Tyrion Lannister – 42% joy
5. Ygritte – 37% joy

Who are the most hated characters?

Bronn comes out on top as the most hated character on Twitter, with 24% of all tweets about him being angry. Theon Greyjoy, Bran Stark and Joffrey Baratheon share the number two spot, with 17% of their tweets being angry.

1. Bronn – 24% anger
2. Theon Greyjoy – 17% anger
3. Bran Stark – 17% anger
4. Joffrey Baratheon – 17% anger
5. Jaime Lannister – 16% anger

Want to know more? Head over to the musicMagpie website to see the complete set of results.

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