“Avengers: Endgame” Is The Fastest Film Ever To $1 Billion

It isn’t surprising but Avengers: Endgame officially became the fastest movie to break $1 billion in global ticket sales. The Marvel phenomenon is the concluding chapter of a series that spans 22 feature film episodes.

Avengers Endgame

Marvel Studies has been preparing us for Avengers: Endgame for over 10 years. All those origin stories, personal battles, collective adventures, near-death experiences, the odd love story, and the introduction and dispatch of countless villains, set the stage for this final chapter in a series consisting of 22 films.

The internet has been awash with theories as to what might happen in Endgame with our own Lyndon Wells putting forward a few of his theories. What these do highlight is the popular appeal of the Avengers and how much audiences have invested into these characters.

Its record-breaking run at the box office has only just begun but smashing through $1 billion in just five days tells us all we need to know about this historic movie event.

An incredible 3.25% of the UK population purchased advanced tickets and 2,000 screenings were nearly sold out well in advance of its release. The £43.7 million the film has made in the UK and Ireland makes it the record-breaker for the territory as well with 45% of global ticket sales going to 3D screenings of the movie.

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