Robert Pattinson Voices Support For Women & Fair Pay In Hollywood

Hollywood heartthrob and Mr Nice Guy, Robert Pattinson, has voiced his support for equal pay in the film industry and says he would take on roles for free if it meant he could work with talented actresses.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has voiced his support for equal pay in the film industry. He told The Sunday Times, “If it’s a question of me being paid more and getting a worse actress, or me being paid less and getting a better actress, I’ll do it for free.”

Since the emergence of the Time’s Up movement, Hollywood’s pay gap issues have become prominent, particularly after it was revealed that 2017’s film All The Money In The World saw Michelle Williams paid less than $1,000 for reshoots compared to Mark Wahlberg’s $1.5 million.

In the same interview, he also discussed why he won’t talk about his love life in the press. “If you let people in, it devalues what love is. If a stranger on the street asked you about your relationship, you’d think it extremely rude. If you put up a wall it ends up better.”

The actor, who is currently rumoured to be dating Suki Waterhouse, is adored by his committed fans and praised by critics. A childhood model from the age of 12, Pattinson quickly became a film star after his appearance as Cedric Diggory, alongside Daniel Radcliffe, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Unfairly ignored by those thinking of him only as “that guy from those vampire movies”, Pattinson proved that Twilight, while winning him favour with audiences across the world enamoured by the gothic, Romeo and Juliet-style romance of the series, only highlighted a small proportion of his acting talent.

Pattinson, who will be seen in Netflix original The King later this year, signed a #MeToo “behavioural contract” to star in the film.

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