Stephen Frears To Make Adaptation Of James Graham’s “Quiz”

A forthcoming adaptation of James Graham’s Quiz is set to appear on ITV, directed by Stephen Frears.

Stephen Frears

Stephen Frears

Quiz premiered at the Minerva Theatre, Chichester, 2017, centred on the scandal surrounding former British Army Major Charles Ingram. Ingram was found guilty in court of cheating on the ITV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

The play was later transferred to London, and many will remember the scandal as it unravelled with the courts understanding that Ingram’s wife and friend would cough in the audience of the quiz show whenever a right answer was said.

A cheat that has been deemed: “The Most British Crime in the History of the World.”

Frears has become one of the most influential directors of his generation, with two Oscar nominations behind him and a recent Bafta nomination for A Very English Scandal, starring Hugh Grant as former liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe.

The highly acclaimed and remarkably skilled director has been approached by Left Bank Pictures, an independent television production company to take on the position. It has not been made clear yet whether the show will be delivered as a multi-part drama or as a one-off.

While a broadcasting date has not yet been set, many ideas for Quiz are already in the pipeline.

Graham, 36, is a British playwright who in recent years has released a series of blockbuster hits surrounding political topics, including This House and Ink (which chronicled Rupert Murdoch’s ownership of The Sun newspaper).

Graham wrote his latest piece – Brexit: The Uncivil War – for Channel 4 earlier this year which starred Benedict Cumberbatch, and the combination of both Graham’s and Frears’ talents are set to firmly excite both fans and much of the British film and television establishment.

Frears stands as one of the most garlanded English directors still working today. His credits include works such as Philomena, High Fidelity, My Beautiful Laundrette and The Queen. It was the decision of Left Bank Pictures founder, Andy Harries, to bring Frears on board for Quiz, both of whom are graduates of the University of Hull.

In recent years, Frears has become one of the most powerful figures in British television after making The Crown for Netflix.

Whenever it is to be released, and in whatever format, with both Graham and Frears on board, Quiz is sure to be something to add high up on the watch list.

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