A Special Behind The Scenes Film Will Commemorate Stan Lee’s Legacy

After his sad passing last year at the age of 95, Stan Lee’s contributions to both Marvel comics and the films they have inspired, continue to live on.

Stan Lee

What also remains is his inspiration within popular culture, and despite a rough last couple of years, both personally and health wise, many fans refuse to forget about the man that helped to shape much more than a generation of cinema. Stan Lee was certainly one of a kind, and more so, one that fans will remember for the rest of their time.

Kevin Feige, boss at Marvel Studios, has revealed that the company is assembling a behind the scenes look at the late icon and Lee’s various MCU cameos.

Lee became famous for not only his larger than life creativity, but for his amusing cameos which appeared in a variety of the Marvel films. A variety that actually includes every single MCU entry to date.

While it has been rumoured that Lee might have filmed a cameo for this summer’s release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Joe Russo – co-director, recently expressed that Lee’s final MCU appearance will actually take place in this week’s remarkably anticipated Avenges: Endgame. In many ways it seems incredibly fitting for Stan Lee’s final cameo to appear in what is potentially the biggest movie Marvel will ever make.

The assembly of behind the footage takes will entail the recordings never seen before from the filming of Lee’s extensive cameo appearances. Feige said: “We’ve put a video together. We’ve never done this before, a behind-the-scenes of every cameo. All the B-roll that was shot. His passing was very emotional for all of us, but it suddenly all came back to me just when I watched it.

“Considering how basically everyone who’s worked on the MCU has some kind of positive story about interacting with Lee to share, one assumes this behind-the-scenes footage will offer fans an opportunity to be reminded of just how kind and personable Lee was.

“No one involved with the MCU has ever had a bad word to say about Lee, and for many, sharing a set with him was probably quite pleasing for their inner child. It’ll be nice to revisit Lee’s MCU work, even if there isn’t any more to come.”

Although fans will have to wait to see the compilation of Lee’s footage, Feige has teased that it could be released alongside the home video copy of Avengers: Endgame as an extra. It seems the ideally situated venue for the feature if this is to be the case.

Fans should prepare themselves to see Lee’s final cameo sooner rather than later, as the Avengers go head to head with Thanos in an attempt to resurrect their dead loved ones, but even with that bittersweet taste in many fan’s hearts, the unseen footage will make for a lovely experience, and a wonderful memory to a much loved man.

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