Brit Crime-Drama “Dagenham” Arrives On VOD From April 18

Dagenham, a new British crime-drama starring Doraly Rosa and Lily Newmark, arrives on video-on-demand on April 18.

Dagenham - British Film 2019

Dagenham, which won the Best Foreign Film award at the LA Femme Film Festival, arrives on video-on-demand from April 18. Described as a “thrilling crime-drama”, the film follows a struggling mother and daughter as they try to navigate a fraught relationship amidst the backdrop of underground criminality.

Starring Doraly Rosa and Lily Newmark, the film’s depiction of a desperate mother’s fight against drugs, death and austerity in Brexit Britain puts familiar genre tropes into a drama that wilfully taps into the zeitgeist of the era.

Dagenham - British Film 2019

The directorial debut of Jo Morris, Dagenham also features Nikolaos Brahimllari, Dean Roberts and Bradley Doughty.

Dagenham will be released on April 18, 2019 on Video On Demand (Amazon, iTunes and Google Play)

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