Visit 5 Of Your Favourite Fictional Destinations From The Big Screen

A good film has the power to transport you to magical locations, so realistic you feel as though you’re right there. But what if this was true?

AccorHotels have transported us into the realms of 5 big screen locations and designed travel posters for the 5 huge films of 2019.

Imagine stepping into the screen of The Lion King and standing on the edge of Pride Rock? With stunning scenery of Africa and some talking wildlife, Disney has given us a realistic-looking remake of The Lion King.

Or better still Frozen fans embracing the chilly rolling cliffs of Arendelle Castle? After 13 years of reopening its gates and rumours of the film plot emerging, this film has got us questioning… will Elsa let it go again?

Any Avengers fan is excited for Aprils release of Endgame, so we’ve designed a travel poster just for Titan, explore and make it what you want it to be, vision yourself where Titan once was, a beautiful world.

Be on guard. Focus and prepare yourself: Kids of the 80s and 90s will appreciate the Sonic Hill location – make sure you collect your rings but be on your toes and beware of Doctor Robitnik.

Go back to the aftermath of Taco Tuesday and visit Apocalypseburg – Intruders from the planet Duplo caused everyday life to descend into chaos and ruins, put your creative skills to the test and help rebuild the town.

Check out all 5 posters below, or head over to the AccorHotels website for more information.

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