Top 10 Films To Watch Before You Visit Prague For A Weekend Trip With The Lads

Thinking of visiting Prague for the weekend with your boys? Are you a movie fan? Here we suggest 10 movies where you can see the beauty of Prague before visiting.

Don’t get concerned about the budget already, as Prague is cheaper than any other central eastern cities in Europe, in terms of flight tickets or accommodation. Oops did I mention about the cheapest and best beer? Well, beer cost less than water over here. Let’s see the movies you can binge-watch:

Mission Impossible

Let’s start with the gorgeous looking man, Tom Cruise, and his movie franchise; part one was shot in Prague. Many favourite locations ware shown in the movie like Wenceslas square, the museums, and of course Charles Bridge. This bridge has a lovely view of the city.

A tip: beware of the pick-pockets, because unlike this movie, the bridge is crowded most of the times.


This movie shows Prague Castle in such a compelling way, it is worth mentioning. Other than the castle, other scenes of this movie have been shot in Prague, including the street scenes and the indoor scenes which are shot in Barrandov studios (the largest studio in Prague).

The Illusionist

If you are interested in historical and architectural beauty you need to see this movie. The way it portrays the Divadlo Na Vinohradech, a theatre in Prague, where the main character performs, is outstanding.


This Oscar-winning movie uses Prague as the backdrop. Prague’s minute details are showcased beautifully from  the Maltese Square to the Archbishop’s Palace.


Another Oscar-winning movie that has been entirely shot in Prague – both indoor and outdoor – shows the chemistry between an abandoned boy and an old cello player who adopted the kid. Without understanding each other’s language they build a compelling relationship that’s well-worth watching.

The Man With The Iron Heart

A film that savours the natural beauty of Prague.


A Vin Diesel movie where Prague has been portrayed beautifully. From the old town square to the Vltava River, even the jaw-dropping view of the snow-covered red roofs are eye-soothing.

Der Golem

Horror movies have to be on the list, and this is the one. This movie depicts how Jewish culture has created its mark in Prague.


A Bollywood movie which shows not only the beauty of Prague but also the nightlife, strip-clubs and the “adult” entertainment side of Prague.

Casino Royale

This movie’s many scenes are shot in Prague. The famous chase scene is in Prague airport (shown as Miami airport), and when Bond is walking down the stairs is shot in the national museum (shown as the grand Venetian hotel).

So are you thinking where you can pick up girls? Well, Prague has a plethora of clubs and bars.  Clubs in Prague offer you madness. The whole city comes to life in the night as the party begins; the beer tastes best, and it can cost you less than water. While taking full advantage of the cheap booze you and your lads can start enjoying the weekend. The clubs in Prague are a big hit; you can dance all night long, drink till the morning. If you want to go a bit crazier, you can go and visit clubs which can provide you with a private lap dance, or table dance, striptease show, or you boys can join a stag party. If you are in a large group, you can rent a limousine and enjoy private shows.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is during the spring and early fall when the crowd is thin.

So what are you waiting for? Go and watch the movies and be assured of Prague’s beauty. Plan a trip with the guys. A weekend in Prague will definitely give you crazy memories to cherish. Have fun.

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