“Grease” Prequel To Reveal What Actually Happened When Danny Met Sandy

It’s time to slick back your hair or slip into that circle dress as we head back to the sunny 1950s when wild child T-Bird Danny Zuko met innocent, nice-girl Sandy Olsson for a passionate teenage love affair they proceeded to sing about in Grease’s um-bop number Summer Nights.

Scene from the iconic final dance sequence in Grease which sees Olivia Newton John and John Travolta sing “You’re The One That I Want”.

This time, instead of singing ambiguously about it, we get to find out if Danny and Sandy DID IT!

For years, you, like me, wondered quietly what Danny really meant when he sang: “She got friendly down in the sand / Well she was good you know what I mean.”

And now – thankfully – we’re going to get the answers after The Hollywood Reporter revealed a prequel to Grease is underway.

Just as Danny and Sandy’s dreams come true in the 1978 musical, film lovers like me and you will finally get the answers to those burning questions surrounding this teen love affair. Were they virgins before? Were they still virgins when they got to school? Does Danny have any issues with psoriasis given how much stuff he puts in his hair?

John August, the acclaimed writer of Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is going to reveal all after production outfit Temple Hill (Love, Simon, the Maze Runner films, First Man) announced him as the film’s scribe. August has also worked on Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark with Guillermo del Toro. A director has yet to be announced.

Inspired by the song Summer Nights, in which the teenager romantics reminisce about their summer, we hear Danny over-egging the physical while Sandy remains wistful. Was Danny the “player” he claims to be and was Sandy really the virginal daddy’s-perfect-daughter she portrays. Thankfully, we’ll finally find out if she carried the whip (which, going by the film’s final song, I’m sure is the case).

A much-loved musical classic, the original Grease is recognisable to most if only for songs like Grease Lightning, while a sequel starring Michael Pfeiffer and 2016 “live for TV” Emmy award-winning version further showcased its enduring attraction.

As you can tell, I’m excited. Hollywood doesn’t make enough prequels, sequels and remakes so it’s even nicer to hear they’re going to go back to one of the greatest untold stories of popular cinema. I can’t wait.

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