The Success Of Gambling Movies In Popular Culture

Gambling is a thrilling experience enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. People today gamble more than ever, as they can easily access thousands of casino sites on their computers and mobile devices.

The practice is so popular that it transferred itself onto other forms of entertainment, and here, we will talk about the success of gambling movies.

Casino-themed movies cover different stories. They can be about luck, failure, organized crime, comedy. There are even many movies which are only set in a gambling environment but are not about gambling itself.

For example, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a critique of the American culture in the 70s, while Ocean’s Eleven features robbers who are planning a great casino robbery. Casino Royale is a James Bond movie that focuses more on the special agent 007 fighting off bad guys than him actually getting involved in any gambling.

Nevertheless, movies which have even the slightest connection with gambling are very successful. Casino Royale recorded a box office take of $600 million, more than any casino-themed movie in history. Rounders, 21, Maverick, Rain Man, The Cooler, and The Sting all made significantly more money than their production costs.

Movies of this kind attract the biggest stars in the industry. George Clooney (Ocean’s Eleven), John Malkovich (Rounders), and Sharon Stone (Casino) are only some of the names that appeared in gambling movies in the past two decades.

Naturally, many gambling movies are set in Las Vegas, the casino capital of the world. There were approximately more than 250 movies filmed in Las Vegas over the past 70 years. Most common casino resorts shown in these movies are The Riviera Hotel, Stardust Casino, The Little Church of the West, and others.

Many movies of this kind are not exactly realistic. The main protagonists always seem to find a way of winning large sums of money which rarely happens in real life. For example, James Bond usually plays luck-based games as they were games of skill.

If you want to know more about gambling movies and their history, scroll down and check out infographic originally published on and filled with interesting details surrounding this genre. Enjoy!

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