“A Vigilante” Featuring A Career-Best Performance From Olivia Wilde In Cinemas & On Digital May 31

Olivia Wilde, described as “positively brilliant” in A Vigilante by Vanity Fair, stars in this revenge thriller which arrives in UK cinemas on May 31. It is simultaneously released on Digital with a DVD release on June 3.

A Vigilante - Olivia Wilde

A powerful and “important” film, A Vigilante stars Olivia Wilde as a domestic abuse escapee hunting both her own tormentor and the abusers of fellow victims.

Written and directed by Australian filmmaker Sarah Daggar-Nickson, A Vigilante offers a fresh take on revenge tropes and features a career-defining performance from Wilde.

Den of Geek described the film as sporting a “subversive punch” alongside a “captivating and utterly ferocious turn by Olivia Wilde (…her best film work since Meadowland)”, and one which leaves a mark that is “painfully real”.

It’s a theme we’ve seen before and a number of impressive vigilante films such as You Were Never Really Here and Bad Day For The Cut have impressed recently. But Daggar-Nickson’s film distinguishes itself by virtue of its focus on “effect” rather than “cause”.

As Anne Cohen writes on Refinery29, “A Vigilante focuses on the aftermath. How do these women find a sense of self after being robbed of it.”

Co-starring CJ Wilson and Morgan Spector this is a compelling, gritty and highly enthralling revenge thriller with a powerful message.

Signature Entertainment presents A Vigilante at Cinemas and on Digital HD May 31 and DVD June 3, 2019

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