The True Cost Of Heroism

James Bond spends 18 times his salary every year & Batman’s cost of residence totals huge $329,840,000

The true cost of heroism

Have you ever wondered how Peter Parker funds his web-slinging antics on a high school student’s income, or how much Sherlock Holmes shells out on cigars each year? A new infographic looks at the expenditure of iconic fictional characters, including tuition fees, vehicle costs, rent, specialist equipment and lifestyle expenses. Measured against their annual income, it reveals the true cost of heroism.

The detailed financial breakdown shows that billionaire Bruce Wayne blows the most on his lavish lifestyle with $333,886,814 each year, while Walter White spends five times his $50,690 chemistry teacher salary on costly chemicals, lab equipment and his much-loved motorhome.

The true cost of heroism

You may know that the Ghostbusters’ gadgets are otherworldly, but did you know that it would cost at least $136,000,000 to build a proton pack in real life? Bruce’s batcave also bumps Wayne Manor up to $329,840,000 and Buffy Summers blows nearly $70,000 on slaying each year. One-whip wonder Indiana Jones has a staggering annual spend of $179,324 – almost $150,000 of which goes on his undergraduate and MA degrees.

Peter Parker is the only character after Bruce Wayne who spends within his means, but the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man has plenty of financial support from Aunt May and Tony Stark. Meanwhile, Gotham’s caped crusader never has to worry about being overdrawn with a predicted net worth of $9,200,000,000, but Joyce Byers’ retail clerk salary doesn’t even cover the cost of her rent and car.

The true cost of heroism

We all know that James Bond loves expensive cars, high-stakes casinos and glamourous women, but his super spy spending lands him $911,467 in debt each year. While his largest expense is his beloved Aston Martin at almost $700,000, he also shells out an impressive $8,000 on daily martinis and $10,500 on his designer gear.

All seven overdrawn fictional characters rack up almost $140,000,000 of annual debt between them, while Batman walks away with $8,886,113,186 in profit each year. To find out which pop culture icons break the bank and who knows how to budget, check out The True Cost of Heroism.

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