William H. Macy Has A Few Regrets Recently Including His Last Interview

Oh, William; such a talented screen actor and seemingly nice guy behind the scenes. But in a recent interview in which he talked about trust, hating liars, and how much he admires his wife for the way she has raised their children, Macy reveals shocking double standards in light of revelations about bribes and fake SATs scores to gain a prestigious university place for their daughter.

William H Macy

William H. Macy, a brilliant Hollywood character actor who has appeared in Boogie Nights, Magnolia and was the star of The Cooler, now surely regrets giving an interview recently in which he talked about his disgust for liars and how much he admires his wife, fellow actor, Felicity Huffman, for the way she has raised their children.

In the wake of the college scam scandal in which Huffman was among 50 people charged in an alleged criminal enterprise to get their children into top US universities, Macy’s comments reveal shocking double standards. He preached to Men’s Journal last month: “Never lie. It’s the cheapest way to go. Lies cost you a lot, and they’re never worth what they cost.”

The very dishonesty he says he despises – referencing Donald Trump’s current leadership – shows “self delusion; lack of character”. That’s not what you get from wife Huffman, he adds, suggesting he “married very, very well”. I “love the way she mothers our daughters”.

The comments come merely weeks before revelations suggesting his wife allegedly paid $15,000 to participate in an exam cheating scam through ringleader William “Rick” Singer’s dodgy Edge College & Career Network organisation.

US actress Lori Loughlin, star of sitcom Full House, has also been caught up in the scandal, with authorities saying her and her husband (designer Mossimo Giannulli), paid half a million dollars in bribes to get their two daughters into the prestigious University of Southern California (USC) as fake rowing-team recruits.

Other celebrities such as golfer Phil Mickleson have acknowledged hiring the services of Singer’s organisation purely from an “advisory” point of view and have adamantly denied being part of any illicit activity. However, federal prosecutors accuse the founder of the Edge College & Career Network of falsifying student test scores and bribing coaches to ensure entry into elite colleges and universities for the children of paying customers.

Singer has plead guilty and could now end up in prison for up to 65 years. While Macy might lose a bit of pride and a lot of credibility over the scandal, Hollywood star Loughlin was dropped by a TV network while her daughter lost a sponsorship deal in the fallout.

It must be said, Macy hasn’t been charged with any involvement in the scam and while court documents reveal he knew about Singer’s organisation’s “assistance” in helping his daughter get into university, it was his wife who orchestrated the transaction.

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