“Alita: Battle Angel” – A Fascinating Feat For Sci-fi Fans

Alita: Battle Angel is a breath of fresh air. It is a film focused on story and exciting visuals alongside political undertones, telling a compelling tale that has taken many years to reach the big screen after languishing in development hell for years.


Endearing visual effects, action sequences and a stellar performance from the female heartthrob has left a great impact on fans. Its unbroken story wraps you up in the cybernetic grasp of a mind-bending joy ride. A wonderful story of a female hero, Alita, who is a mysterious yet powerful teen girl bot with oversized anime-style eyes, has a good and powerful heart that could rule the Iron City.

Iron city is more or less similar to what we already seen in other fiction movies. There are vibrant, cybernetic citizens and fascinating locations that strike a unique balance between the world we know and a fantastical reinterpretation. However, the small details of a corrupt society, serial killers and hold ups of cyborgs makes it a roller coaster ride and adds some spice to proceedings.

In the treacherous streets of Iron City, she is the only amnesiac girl who learns to navigate her new life after she revives with a new body with no past memory, while also trying to discover who she really is. She does not recognise the dystopian world she finds herself in.

Everything is new to Alita. Ido, a bounty warrior, tries to shield Alita from her mysterious past while her street-smart new friend Hugo, shows up instead to spark off her flashbacks. With a passage of episodic realms, a growing relationship flourishes between Hugo and Alita until some noxious forces put Alita and her friends in jeopardy. Nevertheless, she discovers remarkable fighting dexterity in herself that can save the friends and family she’s grown with. With this feminist empowerment, the film empowers her towards a huge climax and ramps the story to the next level.

Here is where she sets out a new expedition with her new buddy Hugo, with whom she dreams of entering the rich sky city of Zalem, without revealing the truth of its origin. This new journey will lead her towards the injustices of a dark, depraved and demoralised world that the young heroine can entirely change into a whole new ecosphere to live. Her friend Ido is familiar to the battle royale; a combative Motorball sport where bionic belligerents fight, kind of like a modern type of medieval horse jousting.

One night, she gets wise to follow him and discovers that Ido is a semi-aristocratic hunter-gatherer in archeology against the three Grewishka cyborg serial killers. On the spur of moment when Alita finds Ido is hit by the cyborgs, she attacks the two killers whereas Grewishka is severely injured. Despite her skills in the ancient martial art of “Panzer Kunst” she was discouraged by him. Nonetheless, she registered herself as a Hunter-Warrior. After this theme park attraction worthy of a long wait in line, Grewishka, with a revenge on her mind throws down the gauntlet.

As Alita had a soft spot for Hugo, and also had superior skills, she haphazardly participates in the Motorball tryout race with the purpose of sending Hugo back to Zalem after miraculous victory. She is playing brilliantly but is given an offer to either to kill Hugo or let Zapan finish him off. Luckily Dr. Chiren attaches Hugo’s head to Alita’s heart so her Berserker body with advanced technology defeats Zapan.

Her journey does not end here, as she was mind-controlled by Nova, a powerful and immortal scientist of Zalem. Confronted, she pleads with Hugo to return with her. Leaping after him and failing to prevent him from death, Hugo’s body is shred by Nova.

Despite his death, months later, she becomes the star athlete of the Motorball tournament. If she can stay out of her antagonist’s wicked grasp, she could be the key to saving her friends and family.

In short, Alita’s story is one of inspirational fast-paced action, plot twists, and desolate yet colourful imagery. It hasn’t been a box office success but is likely to gain a cult following which could inspire a sequel.

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