How Cinema Has Inspired The Modern Development Of Car Technology

Today’s cars are packed full of impressive technology we could only dream about a decade ago. From high-tech satellite navigation systems, to precisely controlled heating, complex safety systems and push button doors – each year our cars become smarter and safer to drive.


While innovation within the sector is inevitable, could the cars we see today have been inspired by cinema? Here, we’ll look at how cinema has inspired the modern development of car technology.

How does cinema inspire car development?

The world of cinema has had a major influence over the development of our cars. Directors are constantly looking for ways to wow their audience, and futuristic, high-tech vehicles are often used as a tool for that purpose. Think James Bond, Knight Rider and Fast and Furious. The cars in these kinds of films are fast, high-tech and impeccably stylish.

In a film, you can make a car do anything. So, manufacturers often pay attention to the cars developed for films, looking for ways to bring them to life. The technology you see in vehicles on screen now, could end up being developed for future models you’ll be able to buy through companies such as the AA.

Could today’s cars link to iconic Back to the Future?

One of the biggest films to impact modern car development according to manufacturers is Back to the Future. The sci-fi classic is said to have inspired modern car development according to Toyota and Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes actually credited the DeLorean in its trailer for the futuristic looking F 015 Luxury in Motion model. The concept car took inspiration from the DeLorean, though it’s a long way off being turned into a reality. If you take a look at the concept car, it’s definitely got a futuristic design. The interior looks more like a spaceship pod, and the car itself will be a fully autonomous model. However, it won’t quite be able to time travel like the DeLorean if it ever does get released.

The most famous movie cars of all time

It’s actually easy to see how today’s modern cars link to those featured in the cinema. You only have to take a look at the most famous movie cars of all time to see the similarities. So, what are some of the most famous movie cars of all time?

One of the first iconic cars to appear onscreen was the 1964 Aston Martin DB5, which made its debut in James Bond’s Goldfinger. Although a lot of the features in the car were down to special effects, such as an ejector seat and smoke screen, one feature is actually said to be credited to today’s satellite navigation systems – the map screen.

The Batmobile is another famous movie car, particularly the model made for Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. The 350-cid Chevy V-8 has a military design which takes futuristic to another level.

These are just some of the way’s cinema is influencing modern car development. If you take a look at famous movie cars, you’ll start to see how they have contributed to the modern features seen in today’s vehicles.

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