Łukasz Palkowski’s “Breaking The Limits” Hits VOD On March 31

Based on the true story of Jerzy Górski, Łukasz Palkowski’s Breaking The Limits mixes compelling drama with gritty sports spectacle to tell the incredible journey of a young man’s battle to overcome heroin addiction and eventually, against all odds, triumph as one of the best endurance athletes in the world.

Łukasz Palkowski’s “Breaking The Limits” Hits VOD On March 31

Polish drama Breaking The Limits tells the compelling true story of Jerzy Gorski, a former junkie turned athletic champion, who overcomes heroin addiction to become one of the world’s best endurance athletes. Mixing gritty drama with sports spectacle to tell Gorksi’s incredible story, Łukasz Palkowski’s film has won a number of awards including the Polish Film Festival 2018’s Golden Lion Audience Award and a similar prize at the International Film Festival Tofifest 2018.

Palkowski, whose film Gods picked up a string of accolades at the Polish Film Awards in 2015 including Best Film, follows Gorski’s journey as he escapes his abusive father through his life in drug-infested squats to meeting girlfriend Grazyna and the sight of many of their friends dying at the hands of heroin. Determined to break the cycle, he sets his sights on completing the Double Ironman Triathlon, a brutal twenty-four hour sporting event which can prove fatal for even healthy men. Gorski begins a rigorous training regime that demands he puts his past behind him. Can he beat his addiction and become a world champion?

Łukasz Palkowski’s “Breaking The Limits” Hits VOD On March 31

Born in Warsaw in 1976, Palkowski worked as second director in films by Krzysztof Lang, Maciej Pieprzyca, and Jan Kidawa-Błoński. Laureate of First Prize at the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival (2004) for his short film Our Street based on a short story by Jan Himilsbach, the director would make his feature film debut with Preserve which received critical acclaim and a number of awards.

With an all star cast of Polish acting heavyweights including Cold War’s Tomasz Kot and Spoor’s Jakub Gierszał Breaking the Limits showcases the very best of contemporary Polish cinema – thrilling, heartbreaking, uplifting and unmissable. 

Polish Film Club presents Breaking the Limits on VOD in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada March 31, 2019

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