10 Movies About Losing Weight That Will Inspire You To Get Fit

For many people, one of the most challenging aspects of modern life stems from getting into good shape. Motivation, often, is your most powerful enemy.

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You’ll know yourself how hard it can be to want to get into good shape. You might have the desire to start, but that desire is often replaced by a lack of will. It’s easy to fall into these mind-sets and mentalities. When you are busy you might notice it’s easy to just fall into fast traps. Fast food, fast exercises and fast evenings. When you are having one of those nights, though, why not motivate yourself with a movie?

That might sound counterproductive. Naturally, watching a movie won’t make you lose weight. What will, though, is watching a movie that is all about losing weight. This can give you the inspiration that you need to really start kicking your own ass and get yourself into the mind-set needed. If you want to look more like the people in the movie that you just watched, you’ll become more active physically.

Keep that in mind, as it might just be the perfect way to start losing weight. Where, then, should you start for some inspirational on-screen weight loss movies?

The Karate Kid

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Let’s start at the top, shall we? The Karate Kid is one of the best movies ever made. The inspiration that it provides, though, is arguably second to none. You’ll fall in love with this story, you’ll laugh at its comical moments and you’ll just enjoy every last frame.

It’s a great story about showing you how your goals might not be the most physically demanding, but still need you to put in the right amount of metal concentration to succeed.

Spirit of the Marathon

This is a very interesting documentary, and one that you should definitely watch if you want to be inspired. This is a great movie to sit down and watch, following the story of five runners who train for the Chicago marathon. Their stories, their sacrifices and their utter determination to succeed is quite overwhelming as you watch it. Be sure to give it a go: it’s become go-to documentary for those looking to inspire their goals.

GI Jane

Though most young men are familiar with GI Joe, GI Jane is a Demi Moore inspired dream for those wishing to get fitter, faster. With this movie, you get to enjoy a tremendous amount of inspiration as you see her work as hard as she can to reach the levels needed to become the best GI that she possibly can.

Be sure to give it a watch: it’s uplifting and hugely optimistic.

Million Dollar Baby

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Many people find this movie to be a bit controversial. As a fitness inspiration, though, you would need to look pretty far to find something better. It follows the story of Maggie Fitzgerald, who is trained by Frankie Dunn to become the best that she can be. The story is uplifting, and it shows us the importance of working with others to achieve greatness.

It’s an essential watch if you are looking to get into shape, and it also gives you the determination needed to put in 100% effort to find success. Combined with resources like “55 exercises you should try” from Gymequipmentgb.co.uk, Million Dollar Baby could be the perfect companion for your fitness goals.

Bend It Like Beckham

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Though it might not focus too heavily on the fitness side of football, Bend It Like Beckham is a must-watch it follows the story of a series of young girls who are dreaming of becoming football players. It’s a feel-good story and shows the importance of perseverance – even when there is no obvious path to greatness or success in front of you.

If you want to enjoy a story that will get you feeling upbeat and positive, this is the place to start.

Save The Last Dance

Of course, not every movie on this list is going to be about fighting or sports. Save The Last Dance is a fine choice of movie for those who are in need of some inspiration, and you should find plenty of inspiration waiting for you when you watch this. It follows Chicago-bound Sarah Johnson who becomes a ballerina and becomes a close friend to Derek, a hip-hop dancer.

The rest, as they say, is history. It’s very uplifting and inspiring: definitely the kind of experience you can feel satisfied in taking part in – it’s all very vintage.

Chariots of Fire

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Speaking of movies that have a vintage feel to them, Chariots of Fire is an essential watch. It’s all about a Jewish student who is involved in running trying to fight for freedom from a life of prejudice. It’s an insightful watch, and one that should give you the feeling that you need to truly appreciate just how much blood, sweat and tears is needed to help you reach the very peak of your goals in life.

If you need something to help you find a sense of optimism in life, this is one film that you don’t want to miss out on.

Super Size Me

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Instead of always looking to inspire yourself to be better, why not inspire yourself not to be worse? If you watch Super Size Me, you’ll get all the help that you need. Watch as Morgan Spurlock goes on a McDonalds binge, and the results are, frankly, vile.

It will help you to start putting down some of that excess, that’s for sure!

Blue Crush

Do you prefer the water when you want to get into shape? Then you need to watch Blue Crush. It’s a feelgood story that should give you plenty of inspiration to get working yourself once again. it’s a fine choice for movie night, but even better if you want to get yourself inspired about the lasting rewards of hard work.


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Last but not least, who can’t enjoy the story of the famous Rocky Balboa?

Watch as Sylvester Stallone rises from nothing to become the champion who takes on the greatest boxer of his era. It’s an incredible tale, and one that is all about watching someone work hard to improve and get into the required shape. If that won’t motivate you, then what will?

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