Four Questions We Want “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” To Answer

Will John Wick die, will we get to meet the new assassins, what will John Wick use his marker for , and Sofia be trusted – all questions we’re dying to find out the answers to as John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum arrives in cinemas.

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John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is set to be released on May 2019. With over three months to go before the third instalment is released, fans are eagerly waiting not only to see if John can survive the aftermath of his actions in the previous film, but other important parts of the film that left us hanging.

Will John Wick Die?

With the entire underworld after John and the $14 million bounty on his head, will John be able to survive getting out of New York City? The last time we saw John, he was running for his life as he was given an hour’s head start before every assassin would be coming after him. If he survives, that’s great. But if he doesn’t, I’m willing to bet he’s not going to go down without a fight.

One fan claims that John Wick’s back tattoo is a foreshadowing that seals his fate based on the events that happened in the first two films. The fan theory explains that the meaning of John’s tattoo – “Fortune comes for the brave” written in Latin – indicates that fortune would rather favor those who are smart and act accordingly than those who are brash and impulsive. Following John’s actions in the last film, it’s safe to say that he has lost his smart and calculating attitude in favor of brashly killing Santino.

Thus, no matter how he tries to survive in the upcoming film, this may yet be the last of the John Wick story. Though, it’s likely that in the process, he’ll take some people down with him.

Will We Get to Meet New Assassins?

We only got to see the Bowery King towards the end of the second film, and leaving Cassian alive may mean that we may see him again for some reason. However, only the Bowery King is confirmed to make another appearance, as Laurence Fishburne is part of the cast list of Parabellum.

Based on the trailer, the third movie will start right where we last left off in the previous one. John has less than an hour to plan his next move, and it appears his plan is to get out of New York City with the global contract in effect.

We then see a bunch of new assassins trying their luck at the $14 million bounty. From katana-wielding motorcycle riders to your traditional gunmen, I have a feeling we’re about to see the most depraved of assassins nearly get their chance at that money. In contrast to them is Halle Berry’s character, Sofia, another assassin who appears to help John.

What Will John Wick Use His Marker For?

If you took a literature class, you may have heard of a term called “Chekhov’s gun.” The idea is that something introduced into a story and given great significance should be useful to the plot later on in the story.

John Wick: Chapter 2’s plot revolved around John’s “Marker,” a medallion he gave to Santino as an unbreakable promise that he will give his services should Santino ever need it again. So, the fact that Winston gives John a Marker for future use, it means that, should John ever need help, Winston may be bound to helping him.

As the owner and manager of the Continental Hotel, Winston may not be a killer himself, but he has the means and the influence in their underground world. So, if someone like him may be in John’s death, there may be hope for John just yet. That may not mean John has the safety of the Continental once more, but perhaps that means a place to hide or information he may need to get from Winston himself.

Can Sofia Be Trusted?

According to the trailer, teasers, and everything else I can find about the movie online, Halle Berry’s Sofia may be one of John Wick’s only (human) friends left. It appears he needs to make it to some dessert (possibly in Africa or the Middle East, based on those sand dunes) to reach Sofia. But how he gets from New York to nearly halfway around the world is another question that leaves fans excited for the film’s release.

In an EW interview with Keanu Reeves, John and Sofia have a connection that dates back before the events of the first film. After being forced to track her down for an unmentioned reason, the trailer tells us the rest: she’s probably the only assassin in the world ignoring the bounty on John’s head and shooting everyone else in his path.

Or so we think.

It’s $14 million. Probably a small amount for a few multi-millionaires out there, but that’s a lot of money for assassins who don’t really have job security. Instead of hunting down John, wouldn’t it be easier to let him get to you, manipulate him and get him where you need him to be, and then kill him at your most convenient opportunity so that you get the money quickly and easily?

Either that’s going to happen, or I’m just being very, very cynical and Sofia is actually one of John’s loyal friends. We’ll have to wait for the film to come out before we can be sure.

Are you excited for Parabellum? Because I sure am. With two highly-reviewed predecessors, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, scheduled to release on May 17, 2019, has a lot to live up to. And hopefully apart from answering our questions, the movie either gives us a fitting conclusion to a very thrilling movie, or an entertaining film that opens up the possibility for the next movie without seeming like a filler that drags on for over an hour.

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