“Trappers” Will Be Hereford Films’ First Urban Crime Thriller

British independent production house, Hereford Films, will make its first urban crime thriller after announcing, Trappers, an action-packed film based on the true story of drug running in the UK.

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Trappers, an action-packed film based on the true story of drug running in the UK, will be British independent production company, Hereford Films’, first foray into the urban crime thriller.

Familiar to the suburban thriller with films including gangland home invasion movie Reckoning Day starring Chris Ellison and Red Madrell as well as other genres such as casino heist caper Swipe, biopic Pretty Boy, and horror The Exorcism of Karen Walker, Hereford Films’ decision to turn to a new type of story draws on its previous experience as well as its dynamic ability to mix it up.

Hereford Films CEO Jonathan Sothcott was eager to find a script that could become the next Kidulthood, he says. The company was looking for a “quality, commercial urban crime thriller” and as soon as he read Trappers he knew he’d found the right one.

“It’s absolutely a cut above the majority of British crime scripts and I’m delighted that we are producing something by a female writer in this genre. It will have a fantastic cast, be slick, stylish and sexy, and the soundtrack is going to be amazing.”

As Sothcott states, the film is written by female screenwriter Jade Asha. She describes the story as being based on fact and inspired by good people doing bad things in order to survive the high costs of living in London.

“It’s about a young woman who turns to selling drugs after losing her job. She becomes very good at it but gets addicted to the dark world of drugs, money and sex. It’s a truthful, sexy and gritty crime drama and I can’t wait to work with Jonathan and the team at Hereford Films.”

Asha, who previously worked as production manager on Femi Oyeniran’s The Intent, said, “My dream is to represent London on film, inclusive of all ethnicities, not just a white gangster film or a purely urban film. I think it’s amazing that Jonathan is giving this story a chance to equally represent BAME and female talent.

“I always had Jonathan in mind to produce this movie, even when I started writing it five years ago. Like him, I want to produce films that people want to see, and Trappers has it all. With his expertise in film and the outstanding team at Hereford Films, I think we have a real game changer on our hands.”

Added Sothcott, the “audience is very much still hungry for the genre. It also gives us a chance to make a film with primarily BAME talent which I think is incredibly important for commercial movies. I’m really excited about this film.”

The company has set its sights high which was recently highlighted by taking Blumhouse on at its own game with The Exorcism of Karen Walker recently. It is thought the film, written and directed by Essex Heist filmmaker Steve Lawson, the film features Shane Taylor, newcomer Janine Nerissa, Denise Moreno and Rula Lenska, is the first to focus on Kirlian photography – the process of photographing a person’s “aura”.

Indeed, it enjoyed success last year when its film – The Krays: Dead Man Walking – peaked at 8 in the home video sales chart, ahead of Ready Player One and Black Panther, and boasted the biggest first week of any non-theatrical British film of 2018.

Those sales encouraged Hereford Films to announce a sequel, titled The Krays: Marked for Death, which will continue the story of the notorious London twins.

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