Taron Egerton Looks The Part In Elton John Ego-Massage-Movie “Rocketman”

With the commercial success of recent music-inspired hits like A Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody, the upcoming Elton John biopic is almost certainly going to make a big box office splash. But as the latest full length trailer lands, it’s clear the film’s real hook is not its rock n roll star protagonist but the man playing him.

Rocketman - Taron Egerton

While serial attention-seeker Elton John will doubtless love the attention he’ll get from Rocketman, the film’s trailer reveals the real reason why director Dexter Fletcher’s biopic will triumph – Taron Egerton. John, the creator of some of glam-rock’s most sing-a-long friendly tunes, may enjoy his ego being massaged by one of Hollywood’s current shining lights but Rocketman promises to be a stage for Egerton to reaffirm his acting genius and probably win a lot of new fans along the way.

This is Egerton’s film, not John’s. That is despite the “Tiny Dancer” singer-songwriter producing this film himself. Hey, if no one else is willing to make a film about Elton John he’ll just have to do it himself. And that’s what he’s done.


But instead of putting a glowing, bespectacled Elton John stamp on cinema, Rocketman will make Egerton a superstar. Humility lacking, John had originally decided Justin Timberlake was the man to play him on-screen before, after director changes, approaching Tom Hardy when we all know, had Ronnie Corbett been given the call a few years ago, he’d have made the perfect screen John.

Hopefully Fletcher and Egerton build-in some vulnerability to the character to give us something other than aesthetics to marvel at. Indeed, Egerton certainly looks and sounds the part based on the trailer.

Admittedly, the film’s official synopsis reveals Rocketman won’t why away from John’s less savoury antics such as substance abuse and what he has called a “risky” sex life in the wake of AIDS. This and other factors contributed to a bout of depression, and acceptance of his sexual orientation. The film will cover these aspects as well as his rise to prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music and his enduring musical partnership with Bernie Taupin.

The film tells the story of Elton John’s life, from his years as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music, through his influential and enduring musical partnership with Bernie Taupin,[1] as well as

Rocketman arrives in the UK on May 22 – that’ll be the moment we’ll get to fire popcorn at that chip on his shoulder. NB. Top 10 Films does not condone popcorn throwing (unless you’re watching an movie about Elton John).

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