Reliving The Moments

It is unsurprising to see how gaming and cinema have combined to provide mainstream entertainment. Here we look at film’s influence on slots games.

Most of us have more than one favourite film in various genres and there’s nothing quite like watching a re-run especially when they are watched with good friends and family. For instance, you couldn’t really get any better than It’s A Wonderful Life as the perfect “feel good movie” to settle down with over a holiday break, especially Christmas.

Sometimes though, for action that I can join in with I like to combine my love of movies with my love of gaming and because technology has advanced some much in the last decade or so there are numerous excellent movie-themed slots to enjoy.

In order to find your favourite just check out the selected new casinos for UK where you will find a great selection of games based on all of the most popular movie genres. From romance to horror, sci-fi to cartoons, Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings and everything that lies in-between, the licencing agreements that have been made with film producers have enabled game developers to produce some pretty impressive slots for games lovers to enjoy, especially if their all-time favourite film is included.

All of the movie themed slots contain lots of authentic images as well as video clips and sound bites that really do marry the film and the game together, and movie-themed slots games also tend to have some really imaginative features bringing the theme of the slots even more to life, enhancing player enjoyment.

The all-time classics like Terminator 2 which is the second of the Terminator franchise, Terminator 2 Judgement Day is my own personal favourite as was the film where Sarah Connor and her son John are hunted down by the advanced model T-1000. Pushing the boundaries in terms of special effect who can forget the moment that the T-1000 heals itself in a blink of an eye?

The Terminator 2 video slot really does capture the whole essence of the film and includes characters and video clips from the movie. There are a whole number of very rewarding features that reflect the film making time spent on this one full of action, just like the film.

Another amazingly successful franchise is Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park which made a massive impact on its release. With its engaging storyline containing all the things about dinosaurs that have fascinated us since childhood, it’s not surprising that the film won so many prestigious awards.

In its turn Jurassic Park video slot allows you to relive all those exciting moments enhanced by the amazing graphical quality that has Parallax scrolling effects that help to create some brilliantly immersive play.

Another genre that has made the jump over to slots games really well is horror. It seems that there are a great many of us that like to be scared. Based on the 1978 slasher film, Halloween is one spooky and scary atmospheric offering from Microgaming.

Halloween – the film – was directed by the amazing John Carpenter and was Jamie Lee Curtis’s film debut.

Everything about Michael Myers gives me the creeps and the slots game has the masked Myers lurking in the background as the reels are spun, just like he lurked throughout the films.

Luckily there seems no shortage of enthusiasm when talking about developing movie themed slots and if the collaboration between both industries stays solid, we should be in for a few treats in the future.

Amilia Totten
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Amilia Totten is a freelance writer, photographer and erstwhile time-waster. Her eclectic film favourites include the latest Hollywood blockbuster to European avant-garde and the joys of Bollywood.

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