Top 10 Films Referencing Vapes

Vaping has increased in popularity in recent years as cigarette users have sought to change their habits for a supposedly healthier option. As such, film has reflected this cultural change in Western society as this selection highlights.

Beneath The Darkness

This 2011 Hollywood horror film starts off our list.  It is not particularly well known, but it did offer the shenanigans of Aimee Teedgarden and Dennis Quaid trying to survive.  Quaid is shown vaping several times throughout the movie in his morgue.

Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

Released in 2008,  Kumar was way ahead of his time, well not way ahead.  He gets both Harold and him tossed in the drink by bringing his invention on a plane, the smokeless bong.  While not exactly a vape, it eluded to the new sensation sweeping the nation.

Dirty Grandpa

Dirty Grandpa is one of those movies that you are unsure about as you watch it.  While some aspects of the story are cool, especially finding out about the past lives of the elderly, there are some questionable contents in the movie.  Fortunately, vaping is mostly a safe bet from Efron’s character.


Seth Rogen Finds Himself with “Bad Neighbours” and a Bad Script in Nicholas Stoller’s Unspired Comedy

In 2014, Seth Rogan, Zac Efron, and Kelly Radner came to the silver screen with Neighbors, or Bad Neighbors depending on the country.  Efron’s character spent the film with vape in hand (Probably vaping his Cosmic Fog Kryptonite), which was quickly pointed out by the community.   The movie did gross over 270$ million at the box office, not too shabby for some vape publicity.

American Gods

One of the most iconic representations on the big screen comes from American Gods.  This movie shows the story of several gods, new and old, in America.  One god, Technical Boy, represents the millennial evolution and the wave of technology sweeping the nation.  He utilizes social media, the internet, online culture, and of course, vaping.

Drive Hard

John Cusack is one of the more prominent vapers in Hollywood, and this advocacy appears in his films.  Drive Hard shows Cusack puffing on the vape throughout the film to take the edge off the very intense scenes.  If you were kidnapped and forced to be a getaway driver, you may want something to calm your nerves too.

Sex Tape

Anything with Jack Black and Cameron Diaz should automatically be included in every list.  Sex Tape may not be the safest choice for  the title, but it does follow Jack puffing on an e-cigarette through out the film.  Black was also on record that he vapes in his free time as well.

Maps To The Stars

Maps to the Stars, David Cronenberg,

Maps to the Stars is another Cusack film that highlights him vaping throughout the film.  This one appears higher on the list as it is a different genre then most movies on this list.  Have fun following the characters through Hollywood on their quest while enjoying the constant vaping references.  This film has a solid reputation and did well.

The Tourist

The Tourist hits number two because while it did not do great at the box office, it featured both Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.  Depp went on from this film to advocate for vape awareness.  The film itself was nominated for three golden globes after release and shows the main character to be an avid vaper.


Hangover IIIs main antagonist is seen vaping several times with his screen time.  While this may not be the best depiction of vaping in films, it does claim the number one spot for the sheer volume of views.  Hangover III was widely accepted in the box office and is one of the most popular “guy” comedies of all time.

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