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If you are already a Film and Audiovisual student or are thinking of being, you already know that watching movies can be much more than a simple entertainment program. In these cases, the lengths become part of your routine of study and also of professional life.

Seth Rogen Finds Himself with “Bad Neighbours” and a Bad Script in Nicholas Stoller’s Unspired Comedy

Since movies are so important, how about checking out a list of the ones students can not miss?

Great Movies About Nice Neighbors

Bad Neighbors

An important theme of the 2010s is the relationship with roommates, whether in their own apartment or in the same house. Nothing is so delicate and nowhere else do you get so annoyed by other people’s ticks. But rarely does the situation escalate as blatantly as in the comedy ” Bad Neighbors ” (2014).

The Radner family with their little baby Stella is looking forward to their new neighbors. This changes quickly as students move in with Teddy ( Zac Efron ) and Pete ( Dave Franco ) with their “Delta Psi Beta” connection. It comes as it has to, the police are called because the students are celebrating too loudly. But that’s when the fight begins …

We Are The New Ones

The opposite is true for the movie “Wir Sind die Neue”, also from 2014. In the comedy, three fun-loving seniors ( Gisela Schneeberger, Heiner Lauterbach, and Michael Wittenborn ) decide to revive their student days and start a shared flat.

Next door, however, there are three highly motivated students who are diligently studying for their exams. The seniors are funny and loud and the students are stressed out. What is the movie really about? That is, whether the generations can bury their strife and learn from each other.

The Roommate

How complicated the relationship with their own roommate can be, shows the thriller “The Roommate” from 2011. Sara ( Minka Kelly ) starts her first year of college and everything seems perfect. She finds a great roommate with Rebecca ( Leighton Meester ) and a new love with Stephen ( Cam Gigandet ).

But the tide turns quickly. Rebecca starts shutting off anyone who is close to Sara. The young woman is obsessed with her. Sara finally realizes that something is wrong and starts investigating.

Day and Night

In the drama “Day and Night” from 2011, the story about escort services begins for two students from Vienna ( Anna Rot and Magdalena Kronschläger ) as a great adventure.

Bad sex for free they had before too. Why not make money with it? However, reality soon catches the young women. Study and job do not really fit together.

Student, 19, looking for …

Another approach is the French erotic drama “Student, 19, looking for …” from 2010. Laura ( Déborah François ) is new to the university and has money worries. But she just can not find a job. Out of desperation, she answers a contact ad on the Internet.

Only once does it become regular and the young woman slips deeper and deeper into prostitution. When she meets Benjamin ( Mathieu Demy ), she wants to stop, but that is not as easy as expected.

The Better Life

The drama “The Better Life” (2011) is about a reputed journalist ( Juliette Binoche ) who wants to write an article about female students working on escort services. The statements of the girls shake them deeply. Then she starts to think about her own life and that of her fully secure family. Until she gets to the point where she faces her unconscious longings.

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In The Sky The Day

The drama “In the Sky of the Day” from 2012 is about the student Lara ( Aylin Tezel ), who becomes pregnant unexpectedly from a one-night stand. She discovers a new meaning in her life. However, when she decides to have the child, her life takes a terrible turn.

Lotta & The Happy Future

In the comedy “Lotta & the Good Future” (2013), the young Lotta ( Josefine Preuß ) already small child when she decides Medicine study. She has to come to terms with the strict study and life in a shared apartment. Moreover, when she falls in love, she does not even fit into the concept.

I Travel Alone

A passionate student suddenly becomes a father. In the Norwegian drama “I travel alone” from 2011, the student learns Jarle ( Rolf Kristian Larsen ) by a letter from his daughter Lotte ( Amina Eleonora Bergrem ). At the request of the mother, he should also spend his seventh birthday with Lotte. The little girl is just as little built up by this idea as he is. Eventually, however, the little one conquers his heart.

What Would Student Films Be Without Professors?

How To Write Love?

In “How to Write Love?” (2014) the lazy scriptwriter Keith ( Hugh Grant ) teaches for lack of other assignments at a college. However, he shows more interest in the students than in his job. His life is completely turned upside down by his same-age, dedicated single-mother Holly ( Marisa Tomei ).


In 2012, in the film about the novel by Juli Zeh, a physics professor ( Mark Waschke ) believes that his son ( Nicolas Treichel ) has disappeared into a parallel universe is. He makes inquiries but is suddenly asked by an unknown person to murder the head of a clinic.

Dropout And Alternative Life

Oh Boy

The former student Niko ( Tom Schilling ) lives in Berlin. In the drama comedy “Oh Boy” (2012), the young man lives at the expense of his father, who does not know that his son has dropped out of college. He lives in the day and deals more with the problems of others than with his own.

How To Live

The mix of drama and comedy also accompanies the movie “How to Live” from 2011. Charlie ( Alex Ranisch ) has discontinued his studies in art history and seeks in life counselors for his strengths. However, he has to realize that he is a “sitter” who has no qualities that will help him succeed.

And Otherwise?


Top 10 Films about Musicians

The drama “Whiplash” (2014) shows a young drummer ( Miles Teller ) who absolutely wants to be one of the best jazz drummers in the world. He studies at the Music Conservatory and strives for perfection. He is even ready to leave his girlfriend.


The newest student film is “Unfriend” from 2016. The college student Laura ( Alycia Debnam-Carey ) accepts the friendly request of the inconspicuous marina ( Liesl Ahlers ) on Facebook.

Shortly thereafter someone starts to post in their name. When her closest friends are murdered, her life is more and more determined by cyberterror.

The Green Wave

The documentary “The Green Wave” (2010) is about the “Green Revolution” in Iran. The protests against electoral manipulation, which were repeatedly violently ended, are documented. The thoughts of two students run like a thread through the story.


Watching a variety of different movies helps you build a repertoire that will be very useful when you start creating your own images. And when we talk about it, we want to include long, short and medium length films of different genres and styles.

Students tend to find themselves low at school times and to eliminate the boredom, they need great movies hence the above are the top films for students which we believe they can inspire students as well as other people.

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