7 Social Media Movies To Watch On Netflix

We check out a bunch of great social media-themed movies currently streaming on UK Netflix including The Square, Dark Net, Life 2.0 and The Social Network.

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One advantage that people have nowadays is the internet. Whereas back in the day you had to schedule when to watch a movie on TV, it’s now much easier with services such as Netflix. That being said, you can now simply use the streaming service to watch lots of movies and TV shows.

If you’re social media savvy and the subject in matter does interest you, then you should consider the following 7 movies, as they could prove to be very entertaining.

The Social Network

This movie from 2010 is surely one that you would enjoy if you are a Facebook user. It’s basically a story about the rise of Facebook, which started from a prank and ended up having the traffic and success from today. The founder of the platform, Mark Zuckerberg, is played by Eisenberg, and he really makes the 120 minutes of the movie enjoyable.

If you’d like to see how Facebook turned into a world-changing social network, you should give this movie a try.

The Square

If you want to watch something a little more impactful and different, you should try “The Square. It’s a documentary about how social media can be used when it comes to political democracy, focusing on the Egyptian crisis.

Over its course, The Oscar shows the effect Twitter, Facebook and Youtube had in the Egyptian uprising in 2011.

Dark Net

It’s no surprise that technology has evolved a lot, and has a lot of influence on our lives. People rely very much on social media, and they are too focused on how to get more Instagram followers, be it through the usual way or through bots like KENJI AI.

However, while there are things that humanity is not yet able to do through technology, this movie shows the problems that technology already provides, such as online cults and revenge porn.

Life 2.0

This documentary does a great job at showing what happens when the real and unreal come together, through the virtual life. Directed by Jason Spingarn-Koff, who won an Emmy, it shows the story of a group of people who discover a new life through the virtual world.

Smosh: The Movie

YouTubers are a big thing nowadays, and a video shared by them could have a lot of influence over many things. This movie tells the story of a pair of boys who go inside YouTube. Their intent is to change a clip in order to ruin Anthony’s chances of getting his crush to like him. If you’re up for some fun, this movie should do the trick.

Audrie & Daisy

Social media could have a great influence over someone’s life, especially if used against them. That being said, this movie shows the way it could impact someone. It tells the story of Audrie and Daisy, who were sexually assaulted by some high school people, and their suffering was prolonged by social media.

The Circle

If you were a fan of Harry Potter, then you shouldn’t miss seeing Emma Watson in this movie. It tells the story of a recruit, played by Emma, who works her way up the corporate ladder through fraud. Basically, she exhausts the amount of likes and shares, but she has to pay a price for it.

If you love watching movies during weekend evenings, trying one of these movies out could teach you things or entertain you. Hopefully, you will find something interesting.

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