8 Films Every Account & Finance Student Should Watch

Here we check out movies possessing an accounting or finance theme that are ideal for students who have an interest in the industry.

There exist all sorts of movie buffs in different spheres. Movies mean different things for different people; some look for entertainment, some look for a deeper meaning, and some look for escape. Eventually, it provides an escape from the usual monotony of life. Go into every social circle there is and you will find a has-been movie buff talking about all the movies he/she has watched. People have a varied taste and independent reasons for liking something which they do. Those reasons may range from heartfelt relatable to quirky oddities.

You will even find people liking a movie only because their favorite actor or actress was in it. You will find people loving a movie just because it was directed by a particular director. You will find people praising the movie just because it was on the subject they like. You get the gist of it; people have unique reasons for liking something that they do.

If the reasons vary so much, you will find finance and accounting students like a movie because it is based on the profession they seek. They may like those movies because it is relatable or might be because those movies give them inspiration. Art does inspire people, in however form it is.

Here are 8 movies a finance or accounts student would surely like:

The Big Short

"The Big Short" Gives The Credit Crunch Faces To Which We Can Angrily Point Our Fingers

Not only an entertaining movie filled with brilliant performances and direction, it is informative and reflective as well. This movie goes a step ahead in explaining the details associated with the housing crisis that led to the recession; it does so in layman’s terms so the audience can fully enjoy the movie along with understanding what is what. The movie is filled with brilliant performances by Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, and Ryan Gosling; the screenplay is very well written and it would make people reflect on how important ethics are in a business. Moreover, the movie explains financial concepts so interestingly that it would inspire students to take up finance as a subject.

The Accountant

This is one is every accounting nerd’s fantasy. At the start of the movie, you see Ben Affleck going out of the way to help out people with their taxes. We soon find he is so good at his job that we would rather call him for accounting homework help. He goes ahead and takes care of bookkeeping problems for international organizations; both illegal and legal. An hour into the movie, we find that he is extremely well-adept at fighting in close-combat and in gunfights. Though, the movie is not that logical in its storyline; it is a brilliantly entertaining one and a movie that all accountants would love.

Capitalism: A Love Story

You have seen how good Michael Moore is with documentaries. He has gone out and directed a number of those. 9/11 Fahrenheit and Sicko got international recognition for their direction; the former one even receiving a standing ovation at Cannes for many minutes. This one was based on capitalism and how it has engulfed the world from a philosophy to a way of living. He goes on to find people who support Capitalism and those who are against it; he talks to them about the philosophy and goes deeper within. This documentary is so insightful that many a finance students could get finance assignment help by only watching it once.

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street

Based on the life of Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street trader, this movie starts like all feel-good movies do; a young man gets the chance to fulfill his dreams but soon finds out all is not that he expected. Martins Scorsese directed this piece of gem with Leonardo Di Caprio and Jonah Hill at the center of all things fun. This movie will have you laughing hysterically at some of its scenes. This movie shows us how success and greed can corrupt people and make them do stupid things. Jordan Belfort is a well-known man now; goes worldwide to give motivational speeches.

Inside Job

A deep-insight into the 2008 financial crisis; it might be the most detailed documentary on the crisis. Narrated by Matt Damon, it goes on to explain each event in the sequence that led to the meltdown. Inside Job is a masterful documentary that has all aspects of what a great documentary should have; direction, deep facts, sequential storyline, and both sides of the coin. OnlineAssignmentWriting rates it as one of most used sources by students for finance assignments, as it helps them learn about the event in an interactive way that no teacher can.

The Corporation

This documentary is recommended for everyone out there who wants to understand how corporations work on a deep level. The documentary starts off with telling us how the corporates target children for their brand rather than the parents; affecting the deep-psyche of children who will later nag their parents for the product and that will make the product sell on its own as parents make conscious decisions for their children. This documentary consists of viewpoints from industry experts, historians and psychologists alike on how the corporation has become what it is now. You will find many listicle websites and assignment services like TopOnlineAssignmentServices and TrustedTutors referring this documentary to business students for better understanding of concepts.

Margin Call

Top 10 Modern New York Movies - Top 10 Films

Gained a lot of popularity for its storyline which is not more than of 24 hours. It starts out with a rocket scientist getting hold of some anomalies that leads him to discover that the financial market is about to explode. The news soon spreads upwards till the owner of the firm lands in a helicopter talking to the whole board about how they missed it and what will they do now. This movie is dark and honest in its look at the behind-the-scenes of how the companies acted in the face of doom.

The Shawshank Redemption


You will find this movie on many ‘Greatest Movies Of All Time’ lists by different magazines and services. Though, it is a classic and one of the best feel-good movies of all times. It has something for the accountants too, because the main character i.e. Andy Dufresne is an expert in bookkeeping who later helps the prison warden with his taxes and helps out several people in the prison with his skills. This movie will keep students hoping if Andy would be available for any accounting assignment help. Jokes apart, whatever you like, this movie will surely secure a small place in your heart. Though the last one, you should watch this one first.

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