Hereford Films Unveils “The Exorcism Of Karen Walker”

The genre wing of Hereford Films is set to release The Exorcism of Karen Walker on DVD and Digital in the UK on February 18. An old school horror, the film celebrates the traditions of Hammer and Amicus with a suspenseful exploration of Kirlian photography which is the process of photographing a person’s “aura”.

The Exorcism of Karen WalkerHereford Horror, the genre arm of Hereford Films, is preparing The Exorcism of Karen Walker for release on Digital and DVD on February 18. It is said to be the first movie to focus on Kirlian photography – the process of photographing a person’s “aura” – and is inspired by the classic 1970s Hammer and Amicus British horrors. It has been described by critics as “gripping”, “truly original”, and possessing the qualities to give “Blumhouse a run for their money”.

Written and directed by Essex Heist filmmaker Steve Lawson, the film features Shane Taylor, newcomer Janine Nerissa, Denise Moreno and Rula Lenska who was recently excellent in a similarly darkly-themed episode of British TV comedy-drama Inside No. 9.

In The Exorcism of Karen Walker, Mitch and his pregnant wife Diane inherit his uncle’s house in Illinois where they find elaborate apparatus in the basement that was once used to photograph people’s “aura”. Accidentally discovered by Semyon Kirlian in 1939, the strange practice has been the subject of much myth and speculation ever since. Indeed, the couple soon discover that some believe this is a person’s soul.

The Exorcism of Karen Walker

This realisation leads Mitch to believe his sister, who is confined to an asylum, might have been affected by their uncle’s experiments at a young age and thus explaining her predicament. Deciding to bring his sister to their inherited new home, Mitch is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and hires a local psychic to help him. Troubling facts begin to emerge and it become apparent Karen was possessed by a demon during childhood. Their uncle’s experiments were an attempt to help her, not harm her. Can they discover a way to free Karen of this evil entity or will she be doomed forever?

Hereford Horror’s The Exorcism of Karen Walker is produced by movie veteran, and the man behind popular British films such as Vendetta, Jonathan Sothcott, who was eager to find an outlet for his passion for the classic British horror films starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. He feels he’s found what he was looking for in Steve Lawson’s effort. It has a style inspired by a classic Hammer or Amicus approach with a character-led, story-driven narrative that boasts genuine scares.

The Exorcism of Karen Walker is set for release on Digital and DVD on February 18.

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