Fiji Water Girl: Kelleth Cuthbert Is Coming To A Meme Near You

Canadian model, Kelleth Cuthbert, has become a well recognised meme after stealing the limelight at the most recent Golden Globes. Continuing to photo bomb celebs on the red carpet, the model has become more well known as Fiji Water Girl.

Fiji Water Girl

Photo: Via Instagram: @boldandbeautifulcbs

Standing as a member of promotional staff for the water company she quickly went viral after Twitter users made note of her distinct blue dress and smiling face, cropping up in the background of picture after picture.

Things could very well have taken a new turn for the Fiji Water Girl, as she posted on her Instagram last week a photo standing alongside actors from The Bold and The Beautiful. Which has led people to think she might have a position on set.

Although the circulating rumours have yet to be confirmed by CBS, the official Instagram account for The Bold and The Beautiful also posted a picture of Cuthbert. She was on set, once again in the background, showcasing a black dress and of course carrying her newly found staple…a tray of water.

IMDB has noted her appearance and officially listed Cuthbert as The Fiji Water Girl. This stands as one of the latest moments of fame for the woman, after already being mentioned by James Corden on the Late Late Show, and on E! News.

While many find the woman’s new fame from meme-hood endearing, not everyone is so keen on the idea. Lee Curtis declared on Twitter that Cuthbert had deliberately tried to move from promotional staff and sponsors at the Awards. Others have stated they believe the entire thing to be one big publicity stunt.

That being said, Cuthbert has retaliated by stating: “No matter where you move, you’re in somebody’s shot.” She later expressed to the Cut: “I think from so many years of modelling, when I hear a shutter, I just kind of give a face.”

February 6 marks the new release of The Bold and The Beautiful, and eager-eyed viewers are sure to be watching to see if The Fiji Girl Makes makes another appearance on screen.

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