Top 10 Beautiful Films To Watch

Sometimes, we get across cinema that can only be categorized as a beautiful experience; one that touches your heart and gives you a warm feeling. There aren’t many movies that could give you an experience like that, who could take us into their world and give us a mesmerizing view of the characters going on about their lives.

Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks

When one is lucky enough to watch such a film; it remains inside as something to behold, admire, and express to other people. For a beautiful experience must be shared and passed on.

Here are 10 films which will give you that beautiful feeling:

  1. Schindler’s List– This is a true gem in the list of best movies ever made. This period drama set in the 1940s is about Oskar Schindler, who helps out his Jewish workforce in the times of persecution by the Nazi forces. First helping out people from his own office, he starts moving on to help as many people as he can. Based on a true story, this movie will move your heart to its very depth. The ending is a real tearjerker, with Oskar crying over how many more people he could have saved with a golden tooth. It won a well-deserved 7 Oscars the year it was released. If you haven’t watched it, you should sit down tonight with a few tissues by your side. Laura from PaperDoers rates it as “a must-watch on any must-watch list”.
  2. Forrest Gump– Based on a novel, Forrest Gump is a feel-good movie about a less than intelligent man who goes through a variety of experiences in life. At its core, it is about an uninteresting man having the most interesting experiences throughout his life. The narration of story is in the voice of Tom Hanks who goes about narrating it in the most unique ways. The movie is brilliantly written for the screen and directed; the actors do justice to the characters, most of all our own Tom Hanks. I suggest you watch it the first chance you get; it will leave you with a smile if it doesn’t leave you with any other thing.
  3. Saving Private Ryan– Another Tom Hanks movie on the list. It is as good as any when it comes to showing a story about people sacrificing in the name of their values and commitment. This story is about a group of soldiers who are sent to recover a missing soldier from a zone of war. The story begins with a mother finding that out of her four sons that went to war, three have died and one is missing. A group of soldiers is ordered to band together and set out to bring Private Ryan back to safety. It is a brilliant story, made more brilliant by the performances and direction. John from BestOnlineAssignmentHelp opines, “This movie is all about hope, patriotism, values, and sacrifices. A must-watch for any movie buff”
  4. American History X– A movie about guilt and redemption; this is one of the few powerful movies that force you to think about it later. It is about a racist skinhead who hates people of color and is a supporter of Neo Nazism. He eventually kills a robber and is sentenced to prison; this is the place where he faces his own evils and comes to value human life. He gets released from Prison and comes home to find that his own brother has become a gun-toting, racist, and a violent skinhead. This movie will force you to think about issues such as racism and violence. Beauty of a film.
  5. The Intouchables– This is a French movie about a rich man who is paralyzed from his face down and a new caretaker who is assigned to take care of him. The caretaker from a poor background helps the rich man see the finer nuances of life and they both have a joyful time together. This is real heart-warmer and has scenes which will melt your heart. There aren’t many movies which leave you with a smile on your face and give you a feel-good experience.
  6. Grave Of The Fireflies– An animated film, based on the World War 2 and set in Japan. This is about a brother trying to take care of his sister in extremely tough and dire situations. The movie is slow in nature, compared to the above ones in list but it makes for a powerful experience at the end. Personally, it is one of the most moving story tales I have seen. It may be animated in its nature, but the emotions it will make you feel are very real. Students at EssayWriter4U rated it top in a poll of ‘movies most likely to make you cry’. Do watch and try holding those tears.
  7. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind– It might be one of the greatest movies on romance that we will ever see. It is about a man and a woman who undergo an advanced technique whose purpose is to make them forget about their troubled relationship. We see people visiting their past memories with the technology they have and going through touching moments of their relationship. Its ending is an absolute beauty when the couple realizes that they underwent a procedure to remove the memory and still go ahead with rekindling their relationship. Laurie from TopassignmentExperts comments on the movie, “It sends us a heartwarming message that it is all about hope and giving chances to each other.”
  8. Amelie– This movie is an absolute masterpiece. We see characters intertwined in a heartwarming story about people looking for happiness in their lives. Amelie, the main protagonist, tries her best to make other people’s lives better and to find romance in her life. It gained worldwide recognition at its release and is still considered one of the best in World cinema. It is especially loved by the youth; students at OnlineAssignmentWriting voted it the best ‘feel-good movie of all times.
  9. Good Will Hunting– Directed by Gus Van Sant, written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck; this movie is about a person’s journey to finding himself. A janitor named Will working at MIT is more gifted compared to the students and teachers. When a teacher finds him and tries to push him to work towards a better future, we see that he has issues in his life. He meets up with a psychiatrist who guides him to deal with his issues and live a better life. We see the problems in his life and how he overcomes them, it surely counts for a beautiful movie that will make you feel good about yourself.
  10. A Beautiful Mind– We get to see the famous John Nash, portrayed excellently by Russell Crowe who is well recognized for his work but is also known to have issues with his social skills. He establishes a name for himself but is later diagnosed with schizophrenia and his life starts going downhill. This is movie that should be watched for its humane take on lonely people and how life can get better if we just be patient. Monica from ThanksForTheHelp writes, “As the name suggests, this movie is about a beautiful person whose beauty is all about his mind and heart. It shows us how people who do not adapt to established norms, get as much love as people who follow the rules.”

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