“Class Of 1984” Gets Collectable Blu-ray Release From 101 Films

101 Films will release eighties cult classic Class of 1984 on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK through its Black Label range.

Class of 1984 - new 2019 Blu-ray UK

Eighties cult classic Class of 1984 will make its debut on Blu-ray in the UK on February 22. The collectable release comes from 101 Films’ Black Label range that has previously brought The Grifters, Trespass and The Cooler to Blu-ray.

Title 007 in the limited edition deluxe range of dual format DVD/Blu-rays, Mark L. Lester’s high school thriller is a visceral and uncompromising look at a school plagued by drugs and violence.

An idealistic and naïve music teacher seeks to make a difference but finds his efforts thwarted at almost every turn by the school’s dominant gang beginning a chain of deadly events. Characterised by a gritty, leather-clad murkiness distinguished by an urban expanse daubed in graffiti, Class of 1984’s sobering account of high school problems represents a cinema holding a mirror to the rise in violent crime at high schools in the 1980s.

The new home video release comes loaded with extra features including a brand new career-retrospective interview with co-writer Tom Holland, a commentary from the director and interviews with cast and crew.

Class of 1984 will be released on 101 Films’ Black Label range of dual format DVD/Blu-rays on February 25.

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