New British Horror “Crucible Of The Vampire” Arrives In February

The supernatural gothic horror Crucible of the Vampire is due to be released in theatres by Screenbound Entertainment, followed by its arrival in dual format DVD and Blu-ray and on digital platforms on February 4 2019.

Iain Ross-McNamee’s throwback to classic British horror premiered at Cannes Film Festival and it garnered rave reviews at other major festivals, with Starburst International Film Festival calling it “an engaging story that is both broodingly ethereal, visually eloquent and thoroughly enjoyable”.

After the discovery of an ancient artefact in the basement of a country house in Shropshire, a young museum curator, Isabelle (Katie Goldfinch), is sent to check on it by her boss. When she gets there, she is welcomed into the house by a seemingly nice and hospitable family – Karl (Larry Rew), his wife Evelyn (Babette Barat) and their beautiful daughter Scarlet (Florence Cady).

However, the more time Isabelle spends with the family, the more she can sense something is not right. An encounter with a young man following her at night, as well as Scarlett’s strange activities only add to her suspicion. But will she be able to escape the mansion once she finds out the truth about its occupants?

The cast has also been praised and mentioned that Goldfinch and Cady’s performances were the ones that held the film together and contributed to Crucible of the Vampire’s success.

This Hammer-esque gothic vampire tale will hit the shelves on February 4 2019 on both DVD and Blu-ray at RRP £19.99 and will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Sky Store, Microsoft, Hoopla, Vubiquity, and Indemand.

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