Steve Stone’s “Point Of Death” Gets February 11 Release Date

Steve Stone’s Point of Death, a new British horror film, will receive a digital release on February 11. The film stars David O’Hara and Isabelle Allen.

Steve Stone's "Point Of Death"

Starring David O’Hara and Isabelle Allen, Steve Stone’s new horror film Point of Death (titled In Extremis when screened as part of the American Horror Film Festival in 2017) will receive a digital release on February 11.

The apocalyptic-themed film, which also features Neil Pearson, Toyah Willcox and Bill Fellows, has been called a “moody and dark” film that has a Jacob’s Ladder-type feel.

Steve Stone's "Point Of Death"

O’Hara plays Alex, a man who seemingly has everything – the good job, the wife and family, the impressive house. But one day he decides to leave work early and nothing is ever the same again as a cataclysmic storm cuts the family off from civilisation. The director of Entity (starring Dervla Kirwan and Charlotte Riley) weaves an atmospheric story that witnesses this family descend into chaos as terror, violence and visions threaten to tear them apart.

Steve Stone's "Point Of Death"

Praised for the acting of its principle cast, Point of Death will be released on digital platform from February 11.

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