“Pond Life”: Bill Buckhurst’s Feature Film Directing Debut Is One To Look Forward To

Pond Life, a film written by acclaimed playwright Richard Cameron and directed by debuting feature film director Bill Buckhurst (a veteran of the theatre) is a new British comedy-drama to look forward to in 2019. The coming of age tale is set for release in April.

Pond Life

Pond Life will see two veterans of the theatre – playwright Richard Cameron and stage director Bill Buckhurst – combine their efforts to bring Cameron’s play – Pond Life – to the screen. Set for release on April 26, this coming of age tale was inspired by Cameron’s days running an activities summer school for special needs teenagers during which time he would go to the nearby pond to relax.

Set in 1990s Doncaster, where the playwright enjoyed his formative years, the story centres around the legend of a giant carp in the decoy ponds of an ex-mining village which inspires a local man named Trevor to lead a brigade of neighbours and friends on a fishing expedition to catch the fish. It’s a night to remember for this disparate group of people.

Pond Life was originally written by Cameron as a stage play and performed at The Bush Theatre under artistic director Dominic Dromgoole. When Buckhurst first read the script, he was “blown away by the authenticity of the young voices in his story” and was eager to get on board to direct it in what is his first feature film.

“He loves these characters and manages to capture perfectly the highs and the lows of this disparate group of young people,” says the director. “As they try to find their way in a complicated world… despite all the pain, both personal and communal, that envelops them all, they still just want to be kids.”

Screened at a number of film festivals in 2018, audience reaction has been almost universally positive. Stephen Brown wrote on Letterboxd that he “absolutely loved” the film, giving it 5 stars. He added that “the characters, the performances, the script; they’re all just wonderful.”

Karen Carey on IMDB concurred, saying the film was “insightful and totally enthralling”. She added that Pond Life “draws you in and captures a moment in time which is simple and pure. The actors are all young but amazing and completely believable. ” KMG, also writing on IMDB, called the film “utterly charming”.

Pond Life will be available in UK cinemas from April 26 2019.

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