Marvel Lends A Hand To Get Young People Interested In Engineering

Recently, the Government’s Year of Engineering assembled Marvel Superheroes, including Iron Man and The Hulk, to launch an exciting new partnership with the iconic comic brand.

Marvel is the latest name to join the campaign, which aims to transform perceptions of engineering. This is particularly targeted among children age 7-16 and aims to encourage young people from a variety of backgrounds to consider careers in the profession.

The campaign sees young people take a “More Heroes Needed” aptitude test to help them find out what superhero qualities matched their personalities. These powers are then related to areas of engineering.

The test demonstrates to children that every one of them is filled with an abundance of talents that could suit a future in the engineering sphere. Using Marvel heroes the test aims to show that engineering is about more than academic excellence, and is also about curiosity, creativity, honourability and collaboration.

Real life superheroes attended yesterday’s event, including a female army engineer turned weightlifter and an expert in comic book science.

The Government has worked with more than 1,400 partners this year alone, to deliver more than one million inspiring experiences of engineering. Research carried out in the first six months of the campaign showed the percentage of 7-11 year olds who would consider engineering careers has shot up by a whopping 36%.

“The characters who inhabit the Marvel universe are famed for achieving amazing things against all odds; something engineers do on a daily basis,” said the Minister for the Year of Engineering, Nusrat Ghani.

“Whether it’s tackling the problems of climate change, helping to provide clean water and energy in developing nations or using technology to help us live healthier more independent lives, the engineering profession is full of its very own Superheroes.

“I’m certain that this partnership will encourage many young people to look again at their own amazing abilities and realise that while they may never possess the strength of the Hulk they could one day move mountains as an engineer.”

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