Netflix Originals Disrupting The Christmas Movie Status Quo

A recent poll in the UK has not only revealed that Brits are preferring to stream their favourite Christmas movies but that video-on-demand originals such as Netflix’s The Christmas Chronicles are disrupting the Christmas movie status quo.

The Christmas Chronicles - Kurt Russell

2018 was the year Netflix really made its mark in the UK. Growing each year, the subscription-based video streaming platform is expected to reach around 10 million paying users by 2020 (not counting nearly half as many again utilising someone else’s account to log in).

Its growth, along with Amazon Prime, is heralding the death of physical media as a mainstream platform, with recent research conducted around Christmas movies suggesting most Brits are preferring to stream their festive favourites rather than watch them on DVD.

That has also led to a shift in people’s go-to Christmas movies – a matter of demand and evolving tastes. While legendary holiday period great It’s A Wonderful Life took the top spot in the poll, original Netflix content broke into the top 5 in the form of two movies: director Alex Zamm’s A Christmas Prince and Kurt Russell-starring The Christmas Chronicles.

“Given the popularity of streaming services, it’s unsurprising that many people will be opting to watch their Christmas films via these service providers, rather than more traditional methods,” said Mark Kelly, marketing manager at which commissioned the research. He noted the advantages of streaming sites where “the variety of choice and the convenience” are bonuses over traditional methods.

“Given these findings, it’s clear that Brits are still very much in love with the Christmas movie, just that they’re adapting their viewing method in line with the times.”

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