4 Benefits Of Slimming Down Your Wallet

Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, James Bond, the Kingsmen and the Reservoir Dogs all showed men (admittedly sometimes with a little blood spatter) how to fine tune their dress sense and add a little sophistication to their attire. Yet, to pull off a good, tailored suit, you need a “tailored” wallet. To avoid a bulging pocket faux pas, here are 4 reasons why slimming down your wallet is a good thing.

Kindz wallet

There are many benefits to keeping your personal effects to a minimum in your pocket. Bulky wallets protruding from your pants or shirt can be really frustrating in a number of ways. Kinzd thin wallet is specially designed to fit comfortably in your front shirt or pants pocket while still being able to keep all of your important cards as well as maintaining good health of your back and legs.

The following are the benefits of slimming down your wallet.

They are more comfortable.

A thin wallet is usually better than a thick one simply because a thin, flexible wallet provides optimal sitting comfort in the back pocket. Fat wallets carried in the back pocket sometimes causes sciatica, a painful condition that usually causes your legs to become numb and experience pain along the sciatic nerve. Wallet sciatica may also cause numbness in the thighs and sometimes lower back pain due to the displacement of your spine caused by the imbalance of your sitting position. kinzd thin wallet is designed to provide maximum comfort, therefore, minimizing stressing the lumbar discs near the sciatic nerve roots when sitting down. Its thin nature will allow cash and a few cards to be held therefore becoming lighter considering the negative health effects of a bulky wallet on your lower back and sciatic nerves.

They are more stylish.

One of the best parts of slimming down your wallet is their ability to accessorize while still allowing you to be organized. kinzd thin wallet is made from genuine leather with multiple designs and colors suited for different occasions, therefore, giving you a good look. You will never have to worry about bulging wallets giving you a rather bad look to your outfit.

Its an easy way to stay organized.

Getting organized may be the single largest advantage of these thin wallets. They ensure that you keep what you need available while shedding all the extra baggage that you really do not need. There is simply less hindrance between you and accessing your money or necessary cards. This simplicity allows you to keep your pockets clean and clear as well as not weighing down your clothing. Bulky wallets may also be slimmed periodically. However, this method is hazardous and requires some kind of discipline.

It is easy to stay secure.

Since a thin wallet can fit comfortably in a shirt pocket and nicely in your front or back pocket there is less chance of losing it to a pickpocket or it coming out of the pocket. That’s a benefit that saves one a lot of frustration. It can be frustrating to notify banks, credit card companies, and even the identification licensing facility to cancel and request replacements.

Pick-pocket’s number one target is a big fat juicy thing clearly visible in the back pocket. Think about this if you live in an urban setting and are carrying a big fat wallet on public transit. It may be time to change to a kinzd thin wallet to better protect your valuables.


You do not need to carry so many things in your wallet. There are times when all you really need are the essentials and it can be an inconvenience to have to carry a large purse or have a fat wallet sticking out of your back pocket. The kinzd thin wallet is efficient in storing your essentials since they are durable and comfortable for long-term use.

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