Is Die Hard The Best Christmas Film?

It’s that time of year again when, across the world, two arguments begin to rage.

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The first is which Christmas movie is the best and then, when the answers are collected, the second is whether Die Hard should be counted as one.

From music sites like NME to online bookmakers like Paddy Power, any discussion of best Christmas movies cannot be resolved until it has first been settled whether or not Die Hard is one.

So, what’s the case for and against?

The Case Against

For the nay-sayers, this will likely seem like common sense but Die Hard isn’t really Christmassy. A poll from YouGov showed that across the UK, more people were likely to see a film as not being a Christmas film if it wasn’t overtly about Christmas. In fact, 50% of responses said that they don’t think a movie counts as a Christmas film unless it is about Christmas. And, while it is set in the holiday season, it’s not exactly about Saint Nick delivering presents or the meaning of the holidays. The only time someone even wears a Santa hat is after John McClane has killed him and left a threatening, if festive, note written across his chest.

Speaking of Bruce Willis, he’s also spoken out with his own opinion on whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie and if there’s anyone’s opinion we ought to respect, it’s John McClane himself. At the Comedy Central roast of Bruce Willis, the main man himself took to the stage and declared there was one reason, and only reason only, that he had nominated himself for this roast.

That seems like pretty decisive evidence right there, is it even possible to argue that Die Hard IS a Christmas movie after all that?

The Case For

Die Hard may not be about Christmas directly but the movie itself is completely stuffed full of Christmas imagery – from the enormous tree in the lobby, the fact Christmas is mentioned with remarkable frequency during breaks in the action. Even if the subject of the movie is a heist prevented by one cop who goes above and beyond, the fact it’s set during Christmas is something the movie takes care to constantly remind you of.

But all the arguing in the world doesn’t change the fact that Bruce Willis himself has said that Die Hard is not a Christmas Movie. Could anyone’s opinion be held higher for that? Well, how about Steven de Souza who, with Jeb Stuart, was the screenwriter behind Die Hard? When he was asked for his opinion on Twitter, he gave a fairly concise answer.

The Verdict

Well, we have two conflicting cases being presented and they seem fairly evenly weighted. But what does the general public think? The results of a recent survey showed that only 25% of Americans surveyed thought that Die Hard was a Christmas movie and 62% thought that it shouldn’t be counted.

It’s hard to argue with numbers like that, but what do you think? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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