Top 3 Educational TV Shows For All Ages

TV since its first telecast has always been an important part for not only entertainment but also for gaining information and learning new things. Hence learning is not only limited to writing services, but also TV and media are playing an important role in it.

Sesame Street

When we talk about educational TV shows, we instantly think about kids; kids learn a lot with the colors or animated characters that sing and dance and perform clumsy acts that are fun to watch while they teach you something interesting during their acts.

Although we should keep away our kids from screens, it is important that when they are allowed to have their screen time, they should watch something useful and educational that can help them grow in their life, also the time with a screen should produce some positive outcome on their lives.

There are a whole lot of educational TV shows available that are really valuable and are making kids smarter day by day. It is hard to list only three, but then some are more favorite to people than the others.

Sesame Street

The 1966 show is one of the first educational shows in TV history which was produced by J.G Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett, vice president of Carnegie Foundation. At this stage, it was only in discussion on how one can use TV for facilitating education to kids who can or cannot afford schools for any reason. Discussions and research went on for 2 years under CTW (Children television Workshop), after that, a grant was received from not only the US government but also Ford Foundation and Carnegie foundation. This show has been one of the favorite shows to many since its early days, and every child from 80s and 90s have been in love in it and still, children are loveing it. One of the universities did a survey and found out that this show has been benefiting kids more than school.

Barney and Friends

A hit educational program from HIT Entertainment, is about a big purple dinosaur who is a friend to everyone and anyone who is alone and need a playmate. He teaches you that one can go anywhere or can be anyone when you imagine. Age group from 1-8 are the target audience, but this US television production is loved by people from all age group even the adults. In this show Barney acts as a teacher, along with his friend Rex who also sings and teaches through his music and dance moves.

Blue’s Clues

A 1996 show on the Nickelodeon channel has become another addition to favorite educational TV shows that are enjoyed by all ages. This show is made keeping in mind the early childhood training process, and its basics. This show captures the toddler’s attention and makes them learn those things that are really essential for them like observing clues and signs. The show has a narrative style of material presentation which is not very traditional but is eye-catching and attractive.

To conclude, these above-mentioned TV shows are only like salt in flour; there are many more ways that are really useful for adding value to one’s life. Similarly, you can consider it as equivalent to a dissertation team that delivers knowledge through the medium of writing.

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