The Best Way To Get Theatre Tickets

If you love the theatre, then you will absolutely love London and what it has to offer. Apart from the show’s themselves, one of the best things about London theatres is that the tickets are surprisingly and increasingly affordable.

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The next best thing is that you get to watch your favorite show in some of the most amazing theatres in the world. So if you are planning to attend a show in the West End and enjoy an incredible London theatre breaks, then here are a few tips and tricks you can use to get the best tickets.

Start Early

You’re probably looking forward to seeing one of the top shows, such as Harry Potter or Hamilton? You need to look for tickets before or as soon after you book your flight. The thing is, popular shows usually sell out fast so the earlier you book, the more ticket options there will be to choose from.  You can actually book your tickets a few months before you go on the trip.

Go to the official website of the show

The official website of the show is one of the best places you can get tickets. When searching for the site, include the name of the show and “London official” at the end to get London tickets. Once you get the website, you will be directed to the Ticketmaster, and you can follow the directions for ticketing information. Pay very close attention to your ticket instructions and details. Ensure you review them before leaving for the trip. On the website, there is a possibility that you will also find tips on getting discounts when buying the tickets.

Go to the theatre’s official website

The theatres’ official website is also a great place to purchase your tickets. Theatre websites also have additional insider information about how you can find last minute offers. Same day tickets are usually released in the morning, and they’re always sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

TKTS and similar discount outlets

There are numerous online outlets where you can get deep discounts, and you will find that same day tickets have excellent deals. The TKTS booth on Leicester Square is one of the best places to get discounted tickets, for instance. However, you should not be surprised if these tickets are a little more expensive than you would have gotten them if they were in advance

Be in the know before going

Even though it’s usually fun to dress up when going to the theater, casual attire is always acceptable in London theatre performances. Typically, there are no pay bills, and souvenir programs are affordable. These programs are not only beautiful, but they are always packed with information and full of color. If you would like to have your merchandise signed by the acting cast, then you can stick around after the show for a while. The employees are always very friendly, and they will tell you if that is possible and where to do it.

Enter the lotteries

The largest and the best shows that come with no reductions usually are on offer on the lottery. This could be on books such as Mormon or Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. What you do is go online once a week, tick-off dates that you want to attend the show, and then hope that your name gets picked up. If it does, you will pay 20 Pounds for a seat worth 200 Pounds on the front row.

Go for day rate tickets

Most shows, including the most popular ones, usually give away top seat discounts when people turn up on the day. The thing is, you need to be there very early in the morning, especially for the big shows in order to get this discounts.

Check out the Facebook re-selling groups

There are certain Facebook groups, such as the Unwanted London Tickets, where people who can no longer attend the shows sell the tickets either for the same price or a bit cheaper than they got them for. Once you purchase the London theatre ticket, you cannot return them back if you want to cancel, which is why a lot of people sell them if they cannot make it.

Follow Bargain Theater on Twitter

Bargain theatre is one of the best places you can find tickets on twitter. This is a group of passionate people that love to get a good bargain, and they usually score the websites to get the very best deals.

Book expensive shows during December

December to February is the quietest time for theatres, and in an attempt to fill the seats, they usually give out discounts depending on how great the view is. Of course, there are certain shows that never really give significant discounts because they are the top shows in the industry. The best time to purchase tickets for these shows is usually in December because that’s when they are released. Also given the fact that a lot of people want to see them, the tickets go very quickly.

Sign up at Showfilmfirst

We cannot emphasize how good it is to join this website. It is usually better to have an audience that hasn’t paid for tickets watching the show, than of having an empty theatre. So companies just find people to fill these seats on a daily or weekly basis. You can watch free shows if you get picked, and you will have a great time. Even the least favorite shows could surprise you.

Final say

The list above comprises the best ways you can purchase London theatre tickets, with top discounts. All you have to do is find the best way for you and then go and enjoy a London theatre break.

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