6 Great Films About Artificial Intelligence

AI in movies has been a manifest for tens of decades now. However, a question many tech enthusiasts keep asking is whether humans will be in charge of their own technological innovativeness or these inventions could mark the beginning of the end. Moreover, as things like time travel continue to baffle everyone, predictions about our future and how it is already shaping up are both scary and exciting.

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A study by Future of Life Institute postulates that by the year 2100, development of Artificial Intelligence could take two possible scenarios. First and foremost, humans may end up creating super-intelligent bots that could end up triggering about destructive consequences, a case of autonomous weapons becoming uncontrollable. On the other hand, AI, if aligned with human competencies, goals, and expectations, will be beneficial in many fields of knowledge. The only worry is that these machines are programmed to acquire skills over time through Deep Machine Learning. Take Alexa, a sound interface bot by Amazon, which according to recent stats, has now acquired over 40,000 skills and still counting.

Understanding AI and its manifestations

There are many other artificial intelligence movies examples depicting how the future is unraveling right before our eyes. Apart from Alexa, Apple’ Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, all of which are sound bots, the bigger picture of AI is out there for everyone to see. Humanoids such as Sophia created By Hanson robotics is a further advancement of postmodernity. We are already interacting with machines at a higher and deeper level, something which is manifest in movies about artificial intelligence.

It is imperative to note that these developments did not start yesterday, but, since the early 1950s when AI experiments got a facelift when Joseph Engleberger (regarded as the father of robotics) acquired George C. Devol’s robot, Ultimate in Kentucky, USA. Today, Engleberger programming concepts and deep machine learning algorithms remain applicable in developing 21st Century bots like Sophia, Milo and ASK NAO.

Greatest AI Movies of all time: Snippets of the future

For students, doing a film review paper is often a fun experience, especially if it is Star Wars, Game of Thrones and any other blockbuster from Hollywood. And regardless of whether it is in college or high school, we all would agree that today’s world of education is more inclined toward technological and innovative thinking than simply knowing about what is happening. Moreover, learning about the future is one of today’s most lucrative courses in Universities because that is where we are headed. But come to think about it. If you are asked to partake in essay writing project on AI, which movies will you pick for a comprehensive review paper?

Well, the following are Artificial Intelligence movie examples you might want to consider:

  • The Matrix

When it first premiered on Silver Screens around the world, everyone was bewildered at the level of creativity, and imagination humans have reached. The Matrix, present AI at different levels such as Machine Learning (ML), robotics and interaction between humans and machines at both software and hardware levels. It presented a dystopian future and advanced algorithms at work.

  • Terminator

For a long time, cyborg assassins sounded like a stretch of the truth. But, not after Terminator predicted what is now being debated as the future of defense systems. Machines killing humans such as unmanned military drones and other autonomous weapons are now a reality, something which makes the bulk of script in the film.

  • Blade Runner

In this film, AI and humans interact at different levels in a society where machines protect or destroy. Movie characters in Blade Runner which are bioengineered to resemble humans, not to mention a storyline of whether bots deserve the same rights as humans reflect upon Sophia the robot which was recently granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia.

  • Metropolis

Metropolis, a Sci-Fi film that premiered in 1927 is perhaps the earliest show that predicted a future of AI. It helped tech minds map out a future of movies about AI as we see them today. The levels at which humans and machines interact in the plot baffled many. Advanced future possibilities in AI technology are therefore largely predicted in the plot and characters.

  • Space Odyssey

There is no doubt about Artificial Intelligence conquering black holes, extraterrestrial worlds, and the entire Universe. In the film Space Odyssey, HAL, an evil computer/robotic character paints a picture of a scary future. In spite of endless warnings about the dangers of conquering outer space such as angering alien life triggering, HAL, partly human, is a red-eyed robot that thwarts mission of two astronauts. It is arguably the best representation of AI in movies.

  • I. Artificial Intelligence

In this film, a kid robot craves for human-like emotions and feelings: To love and be real like his family. The humanoids in the movie are lovable. And even though it presents a situation where robots will feel loved, something which is impossible with machines, anyone who has watched it would, however, agree that it marks a new era in AI films.

The Bottom Line

There are more than 90 films on Artificial Intelligence today. You may want to hire an essay writing service to do a review on other significant films such as Wall-E, Robot and Frank, Ex-Machina and Her. It is because there is a lot to put down on paper regarding films on Artificial Intelligence, and reputed UK essay writing company can help you do it right.

In a nutshell, films like these teach us not only humanity but also offer us sneak-peak of what our future will be like if we keep doing what we do. Because how can we teach a machine intelligence – a human trait – when we ourselves often luck humanity?

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