Exclusive Interview With Mark Gatiss & Ian Hallard On Second Sight’s Upcoming “The Boys In The Band” Blu-ray

William Friedkin’s groundbreaking film The Boys In The Band will arrive on Blu-ray courtesy of Second Sight on January 21, 2019 and feature an exclusive interview with actor/writers Mark Gatiss and Ian Hallard.

The Boys In The Band - William Friedkin

William Friedkin’s groundbreaking film The Boys In The Band will now be released on January 21, 2019 and feature an exclusive interview with actors and writers Mark Gatiss and Ian Hallard, who married in 2008.

Both are long-time fans of the film with Gatiss, one of the stars of hit BBC comedy The League of Gentlemen and writer for such shows as Sherlock and Doctor Who, having produced and fronted the brilliant three-part BBC documentary series, A History of Horror, always offering compelling insight when discussing favourite films. A newly recorded audio commentary track with Friedkin and playwright Mart Crowley will also be contained on the new release.

The Boys In The Band was a seminal moment for queer cinema that divided the gay community at the time of its release in 1970. It was first released in part because the original play by Mart Crowley had impacted members of the gay community in very different ways, some of whom were fiercely against its portrayal of gay men. Those divisive sentiments were targeted at the film as well which was memorable for also including the c-word (considered the first for an American film) and also being one of the first American movies to entirely centre around gay characters, becoming a milestone in “queer cinema”.

Remembered for its caustic wit and savage putdowns, Crowley adapted his own play for the screen, bringing his acerbic speeches and cutting one liners to cinema audiences who were witnessing these memorable characters for the first time. Making the transition from stage to screen were actors including Kenneth Nelson, Peter White and Leonard Frey who form part of the group of men celebrating one of their friend’s birthdays. As the drink flows and the drunken backbiting begins to get more fierce, intimate anxieties and past scars are revealed.

One of the director’s favourite films of those he made, The Boys In The Band has been described by Time Out as one possessing a “truthfulness … not as a coming-out drama but as a keyhole into the lives of already-confident outsiders”.

Second Sight’s new UK Blu-ray includes features looking at the film, the play it was based on and its cultural impact and resonance in the years since it first caused controversy. There is also a commentary track from Friedkin and Crowley.

The Boys In The Band arrives on Blu-ray from Second Sight on January 21, 2019.

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