DiCaprio & Schwarzenegger Amongst Hollywood’s Climate Change Hypocrites

Despite publicly advocating positive change to enhance greener, more sustainable living, Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger are amongst a bunch of high profile Hollywood stars seemingly ignoring the advice they preach.

Leonardo Dicaprio

According to research carried out by Select Car Leasing, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, James Cameron, John Travolta and Arnold Schwarzenegger are amongst a group of high profile Hollywood stars whose positive words on climate change may actually be empty promises.

DiCaprio, for example, used his private jet six times in six weeks, famously using it to travel from Cannes to New York to collect an environmental award. Meanwhile, aircraft-loving Travolta operates his own mini airport at his home and drives the 14mpg Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Schwarzenegger, one of the most carbon-emitting celebrities identified in the research, drives the fuel-guzzling Bugatti Veyron Vitesse, military-grade Hummer H1 and flies in a Gulfstream III jet.

He apparently often meets The Terminator director James Cameron for a ride on their various motorbikes. Cameron owns a Ducati 848 EVO and three Harley Davidson’s. And despite also driving the Tesla Model S, he offsets his fossil fuel savings by driving his Ford GT.

Similarly, Harrison Ford is another Tesla driver but he also likes flying around in his Cessna 208B Grand Caravan at a staggering 334 gallons of fuel per hour.

However, some Hollywood celebrities are sticking to their climate change promises. Prominent environmental advocate Natalie Portman drives around in a Toyota Prius, former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan appears to stick to his environmentally friendly BMW Hydrogen 7, while Meryl Streep owns both these cars, presumably driving them depending on her mood for the day!

A closer look at the climate change hypocrites:

Source: Select Car Leasing

Amilia Totten
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    Comedation on YT! Reply

    No this is just fake news trying to gain attention…There are always people who have no other job than either criticising those big celebs who want 2 do sth gr8 for community, take it from @EmmaWatson supporting women to now Leo trying his best to save our Mother Earth!

    • Avatar
      Rory Reply

      The research did find interesting conflicts to its conclusion in that, James Cameron, for example, drives a Tesla Model S but then offsets those benefits via his gas-guzzling motorbikes and meeting Schwarzenegger in his Ford GT.

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        Comedation on YT! Reply

        Yeah truly there must be conflicts arised cause even if he is spending a penny for environment, he is doing sth for community other than dating chicks! Plus there’s also actual proof 4 how much he has raised 4 wildlife and stuff & it’s really disrespectful if sm1 questions dat!

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    JoshJoke Reply

    This is the same as those celebs who preach about giving money to charity, but don’t give any themselves. “My time here is my charity” pfft, it’s not when you’re getting appearance fees for it.

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    Hanson Reply

    I know Arnold and what this writer would have found if he’d researched more deeply is that Arnold has his cars converted to run on hydrogen, exactly because his environmental concerns are genuine

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