“Pili” Coming To DVD In November

The powerful film about a young woman in East Africa struggling to change her life for the better will arrive on DVD in the UK on November 26.

Pili - UK DVD

Pili, the extraordinary film from director Leanne Welham, which was released in UK cinemas in October, will be available on DVD from November 26.

Led by a predominantly female creative team – including director, producer and cast – Pili, which draws its title from its protagonist, sees a young woman living in rural Tanzania but struggling day-to-day to make ends meet.

She works in the fields for less than $1, trying to feed her children and hide her HIV-positive status. Offered the opportunity to rent a sought-after market stall, Pili must find the money within 48 hours or risk losing a golden opportunity to make a real difference to her life.

But, in trying to get the deposit together so quickly, she has to face some grave decisions that could have long-lasting consequences. The question is: how much is she willing to risk?

Described by Flick Filosopher film critic MaryAnn Johanson as a “wholly remarkable film, just barely fictionalized from the lives of its cast of nonprofessional actors, about the indomitable spirit of the women of East Africa”, Pili represents the first ever social-realist feature film to focus on women living with HIV in the region.

A unique collaboration between the filmmakers and women in the film to tell the story of the community by the people who live there, the compelling film, which Total Film said delivered “powerful stuff” and Sight & Sound praised for its performances, features only one trained actor with 70% of the cast HIV+, and all locations such as the AIDS clinics being real.

Pili comes to UK DVD from November 26.

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